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I’m talking ’bout Shaft

Was there anyone less likely to buy Isaac Hayes’ soundtrack to “Shaft” in 1971 than me?

I was a sports- and music-obsessed ninth-grader from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, then a nice German/Dutch town with almost no black population. I doubt 14-year-old white kids were anywhere near the target audience.

But when I heard “Theme From Shaft,” the single, on WOKY, then the big AM top-40 station out of Milwaukee, I knew I had to have it. That was how kids like me got hepped to sounds like that. The Mighty 92 — my near-constant companion — mixed pop, rock, soul and R&B on its playlist. Hard to believe today, I know.

“Shaft” was only the third album I ever bought. I don’t recall where I bought it. Maybe the record department in the basement of Prange’s or maybe the record department in the Penney’s in the new mall.

I wonder what my parents thought. I never asked. They never said.

You know “Theme From Shaft.” You may not know the rest of the album. Most of the cuts are instrumentals — classic soul and R&B that still sounds just fine. These are a couple of my favorites:

Walk From Regio’s.

Cafe Regio’s.

Both from the “Shaft” soundtrack, Isaac Hayes, 1971.


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Toe in the big water

The picture atop this blog is from the edge of the big water — Lake Superior. It’s our son, Evan, taking pictures on a breezy September day along the ship canal in Duluth, Minnesota.

We’re putting our toe in the big water today, too. It’s the first entry in our audioblog adventure.

We’ll often be heading back to a different time. Thus, today’s debut selection. We’ll have more conventional selections, of course, but we did want to let you know we are not below swimming in pop culture.

Did you know the same John Williams who composed all those movie soundtracks — “Star Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” among them — also did this?

I was just 9 when “The Time Tunnel” aired on ABC in 1966. I loved then — and still love now — the notion of time travel. It would be fun … if you’re careful to not change the course of history, of course.

Time Tunnel (Main Title), John Williams, 1966


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More to come

What you will find here, once the mp3s start going up, are bits and pieces from my music collection. That collection dates to 1971, when I was 14. I started earlier, but no longer have my 45s.

My taste in music has been described by a friend who also blogs about music as “eclectic but impeccable.”

I’m not so sure about “impeccable” — how do I explain having several Styx albums back in the day? — but “eclectic” certainly applies.

So we will make our way through obscurities and guilty pleasures, old faves and new faves. There will be a little bit of everything — rock, R&B, blues, country, swing, roots, rockabilly, soul, jazz and probably a few more genres I’ve forgotten.

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About those links

I’ve been reading audioblogs for about a year now. I’ve been exposed to a bunch of new sounds I otherwise wouldn’t have heard. I have the folks listed at right — and some others — to thank for that.

They are among my favorite blogs, and most of the folks who run them have been a delight to meet, if only via e-mail. They’ve set the bar high.

I hope this blog, as it gets going, can meet their standards.


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