Toe in the big water

The picture atop this blog is from the edge of the big water — Lake Superior. It’s our son, Evan, taking pictures on a breezy September day along the ship canal in Duluth, Minnesota.

We’re putting our toe in the big water today, too. It’s the first entry in our audioblog adventure.

We’ll often be heading back to a different time. Thus, today’s debut selection. We’ll have more conventional selections, of course, but we did want to let you know we are not below swimming in pop culture.

Did you know the same John Williams who composed all those movie soundtracks — “Star Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” among them — also did this?

I was just 9 when “The Time Tunnel” aired on ABC in 1966. I loved then — and still love now — the notion of time travel. It would be fun … if you’re careful to not change the course of history, of course.

Time Tunnel (Main Title), John Williams, 1966


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3 responses to “Toe in the big water

  1. whiteray

    I don’t remember watching the show, but time travel is one of my favorite all-time topics for my reading list. Best ever TT book? “If I Never Get Back” by Darryl Brock — modern reporter travels with the 1869 Cincinnati Reds, the first professional baseball team. Wonderful stuff! What would I go see if I could travel in time? The western plains teeming with bison in, oh, 1650 or so.

  2. Re: your banner photo…

    What a trip!

    I was standing in more or less that very same spot by the canal, with my daughters, in early September. Do you live in the state or were you visiting?

  3. I just answered my own question when I read the piece about you over on “The Hits Just Keep On Comin”. The whole Green Bay Packer thing makes me, living in Saint Paul in the heart of Purple territory, your mortal enemy! He he he.

    What’s your take on the “Randy Moss as a Packer” rumor that is going around?

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