Been one of those weeks

The good news is that I’ve been busy ripping away, stashing a bunch of tunes for future use.

The bad news is that I sit here at the Mac on Friday morning with no coherent notion for a post. It is entirely possible it’s too early in the morning.


“Early In The Mornin’,” Louis Jordan, 1947, from “The Best of Louis Jordan.”

Nothing like some smooth, syncopated rhythms from a swinger who helped launch rock ‘n’ roll. This is the same tune Harry Nilsson did on “Nilsson Schmilsson,” another of my faves from my younger days.

This selection comes from my dad’s collection. Dad is 81 and still swinging … musically, that is. We’ll be hearing more from Dad’s collection as we go.

I also promised guilty pleasures. Here’s one. You seemed to like the recent Isaac Hayes, so here’s some more. Hope you have a weekend exciting enough to have this be the theme for it.


“Truck Turner,” from “Truck Turner” soundtrack, Isaac Hayes, 1974.

This comes from a CD full of soundtrack music that came with Mojo magazine a while back. It’s the only music magazine I read.

Mojo comes from England, and it’s pricey — almost $10 at the newsstand — but is well worth it for the writing, for its appreciation of great music and rock history and for the compilation CDs that come with it every month. Not all the CDs are my cup of tea, but they may be yours. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Been one of those weeks

  1. Never realized that one of my favorite Nilsson songs was done originally by Jordan – great find! Thanks!

  2. That Mojo comp is the shizzle. I love the variety of tunes – especially enjoy the Dudley Moore song on it.

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