All downhill from here


So I took a couple of 12-year-olds tubing on Sunday afternoon. It was 45 degrees and sunny, so we didn’t need heavy jackets, hats and gloves to enjoy the day. This is Winter Park near Kewaunee, Wisconsin. (This is not my picture. It came from the Chamber of Commerce photo gallery.)

The shack on the right is where you catch the tow rope to the top of the hill. They had a giant boom box (this is Wisconsin, after all) playing a local FM classic rock station.

I don’t recall hearing anything by an artist who was anything but white. There must have been, but if so, it didn’t stick in my head.

We should have been listening to something closer to the speed at which we flew downhill … something so scorching it could have melted all the snow on the hill … something from a show recorded live on April 1, 1971 …

“Sweet Soul Music” and “I Want To Take You Higher”


Both by Ike and Tina Turner, from “What You Hear Is What You Get: Ike and Tina Turner Live At Carnegie Hall,” 1971.

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