Sleepy Sunday, Vol. 2

I forgot to add this disclaimer first time out: Sleepy Sundays are not necessarily sleepy.

Jason enjoyed our first selection, but confessed: “I was not expecting to be rocked this hard.”

Oh, yeah, Sleepy rocks.

Today’s selection was cut for Sun Records during a session in Nashville on July 3, 1979. It’s a cover — Sleepy does almost nothing but covers — of a tune written by Doc Pomus and Reginald Ashby.

Big Joe Turner did it first, scoring a No. 2 R&B hit in 1956. Bob Dylan also covered it on a 1995 tribute album featuring the songs of Doc Pomus.


“Boogie Woogie Country Girl,” Sleepy LaBeef, from “A Rockin’ Decade,” 1997.

Enjoy the rest of your Sleepy Sunday.

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