Let’s get Waxed

Not everything here is older than dirt. Me, perhaps, but not all the music.

I’ve really enjoyed some of the mashups I’ve found while surfing through the music blogs over the past year or so. Take one song, lay it over another and start slicing, dicing and chopping.

I came across Tom Compagnoni’s work last year when I read somewhere about “Imagine This,” an anti-war piece that mashes John Lennon, the Beatles and George W. Bush. Highly recommended, and available on Tom’s web site, Wax Audio.

I stopped by the site last week when I realized “Imagine This” hadn’t made the trip from my old Mac to my new Mac. So I downloaded it again, then found Tom has some new mashups on his MySpace site.

Tom, who’s from Australia, describes these new mashups as “lighthearted.” Indeed.

Can you imagine mashing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters?” Didn’t think so. Makes me smile every time I hear it.

There’s more where this came from, so follow the links above to Tom’s sites.


“Thunder Busters,” Wax Audio (Tom Compagnoni), MySpace page, 2007.


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2 responses to “Let’s get Waxed

  1. Musicradio

    That’s some good mixing!!!

  2. Thanks for the turn-on.
    I plan to check out a few mash-ups later tonite.
    Thanks and Props!

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