Reunited with old friends, Part II

Of the six tunes posted last week from the late summer of 1969, this one has been downloaded most often: “Don’t It Make You Want To Go Home?” by Joe South.

Good for you.

I always liked it, and I had it on a long-lost 45, but I didn’t have a digital copy until last year. Joe South and I were reunited by a long-lost friend who remembered I liked it — back in junior high school in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Mike and I were pals in the late ’60s and early ’70s, in third grade, then again beginning in seventh grade. We were passionate about comics, music and pop culture. Midway through ninth grade, I moved away. We briefly kept touch, but life went on.

Then, after 34 years out of touch, Mike and I were reunited, first via e-mail, then in person. After all that time, we remain passionate about most of the same things, and we have a similar world view. We live about three hours apart, and we get together a couple of times a year.

When we got together for lunch, I brought along a CD of songs that reflected 34 years of music I have enjoyed. Not really a soundtrack of my life. More like a road map of all the genres I like.

My journey through music is almost solely as a fan. Mike’s is more varied. He’s had gigs as a music teacher, a Nashville session musician, a radio host and — these days — a bluegrass musician. (He’s in The New Pioneers, who play the second Thursday of every month at Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.) His wife, Lori, is a singer. They have a home studio.

One day, Mike sent a CD of things he liked. One of the tunes was “Rings,” by Cymarron. He’d been looking for it, and I helped him dig it up. Another was the Joe South tune.

Here are a couple of other tunes from Mike’s CD, with his comments:

“Golden Ribbons,” Loggins & Messina, from “Loggins & Messina,” 1972.

“We had a juke box in the cafeteria at South High. People played it during study hall and someone kept playing this — the B side of “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” which I can’t stand. But this is a great song, in my opinion. Well-written, wonderfully performed, and I think it still holds up, seeing it was done in ’73 or ’74. This is among my all-time favorite tunes … with a heavy message to boot.”

“Everyone’s Agreed,” Stealers Wheel, from “Ferguslie Park,” 1973.

“Just an oldie but a goodie. Like ‘Rings,’ it’s one that I hadn’t heard in years and found on the Internet. I’ve downloaded other old favorites that made me wonder what I was thinking, but this one held up (again, in my opinion).”

Mike called that CD “Stuff for Jeff.” And now it is stuff for you. Enjoy.


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3 responses to “Reunited with old friends, Part II

  1. Shark

    I first heard of Joe South by watching a TV program hosted by Paul Revere and the Raiders and I think it was called “It’s Happening” which was on ABC in the late 1960s.. I recall one program where Vice President Hubert Humphrey was a guest. Another singer, named Sajid Khan, was almost always a guest on the show and was sort of an unofficial member of Paul Revere and the Raiders after Mark Lindsey left the group for good.

  2. Thanks for the seldom seen offerings of Loggins/Messina.

  3. Hey Jeff,

    I finally got into the blog and found stuff.



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