Life is better with a sonic orgasm

If you aren’t reading Mojo magazine, you should. It’s imported from England, and it’s pricey ($9.50), but it’s well worth it. Old music, new music, it’s all there.

This month’s issue has a couple of nuggets worth sharing.

One is from Tori Amos, who has some interesting things to say, particularly when she goes off on a tangent when asked: “Why the beef with downloading?”

“I object to the fact that people might listen to my music on these tiny headphones. It can only be a disappointment. I created it for you to crank up and have a sonic orgasm!”

To that, I say to the minister’s daughter: Amen, sister.

So let’s crank it up.

You probably know this song, written by Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay and Lois Mann and/or Sydney Nathan. Bradshaw did it first, and just about everyone has covered it since: Johnny Burnette, the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks and Motorhead.

This is a rough, crunchy garage band version from the ’60s, from a little-known group from the Pacific Northwest. Mojo put it on one of its compilation CDs, borrowing it from another compilation, “Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol. 3,” on Ace Records.


“Train Kept A Rollin’,” the Brave New World, from the Mojo Instant Garage Music Guide Vol. 1 compilation, June 2003.

(To learn more about Tiny Bradshaw, check out Mike’s excellent post over at the Record Robot from earlier this year. A couple of fine selections, too.)


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One response to “Life is better with a sonic orgasm

  1. Haven’t heard a bad version of this song yet! One of those (like “Cry Me A River”, or “Feelin Alright” [insert retort here]) that continues to highlight the supreme craftsmenship in composition.

    Hmmmm – Pacific Northwest garage band? That gives me an idea for a new blog.

    Great post!

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