Puttering around the dial

A word of thanks to all those who have stopped to visit AM, Then FM since its launch back in late February.

We have a small but faithful group of readers, e-mailers and commenters, all of whom are much appreciated. Last week, we set a one-day record for visitors after Jefito again graciously pointed his readers in our direction. Thanks, Jeff.

What you’ve seen here so far is — I hope — the tip of the iceberg. My next project is to get set up to rip from vinyl, and there are lots of goodies there.

Just wanted to call your attention to a considerable expansion of the blogroll at right.

They’re the blogs I most often visit and the blogs of some of our friends. You’ll find mp3 samples at most of them. The blogroll leans toward older stuff — from the ’70s back — and it leans toward rock, soul, R&B and funk.

So just keep on keepin’ on.

Here’s a Sly Stone cover, done in the early ’70s by a high school band from Houston. You simply will not believe these are high school kids.


“Thank You,” the Kashmere Stage Band, from “Texas Thunder Soul: 1968-1974).



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2 responses to “Puttering around the dial

  1. Anybody who believes in KSB is alright with me… Stone’s Throw has a podcast on iTunes with more high school bands doing the same incredible sound. There’s also a link to an NPR interview on stonesthrow.com with KSB’s bandleader that may also grab your interest.

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