Sleepy Sunday, Vol. 12

It’s always a good week when you can see Sleepy LaBeef play live.

Sleepy was in town on Friday night for the big ’50s music festival at our local casino, and he was terrific as always.

In this setting, at this festival, Sleepy is about as big a star as there is. A film crew followed him around, working on a documentary. When he took the stage, and as he played, he was bombarded by camera flashes.

Still, as he walked the halls, he had time for everyone who wanted an autograph or a picture.

I chatted briefly with Sleepy, telling him of these Sleepy Sunday posts.

“Keep it up!” he said in that distinctive baritone.

That we will, sir, that we will.

Sleepy played this one on Friday night. It’s a cover of a Big Joe Turner tune from 1953. Sleepy said he needed a little help from The Lone Ranger on it. Listen, and you’ll know why.


“Honey Hush,” Sleepy LaBeef, from “A Rockin’ Decade,” 1997.

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