Showtime at Washington

We went out to another big show on Tuesday night — Evan’s spring band concert — in the beautiful WPA-era auditorium at his school.

He plays alto sax in the Prep Band, for kids with two years’ experience.

One of their selections was “Pirates of the Caribbean,” an adaptation of some of the music from the Disney movie. Evan was into it, even though he’s never seen either of the movies. He prepared a PowerPoint presentation as the backdrop to the piece, then insisted we get the soundtrack from the library and load their songs into the big Mac.

So, imagine if you will, almost 100 middle school kids doing Michael Sweeney’s concert band arrangement of …


“The Medallion Calls” and “The Black Pearl,” Klaus Badelt, from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack, 2003.

A birthday present for Jefito: You are living right, my man. After last week’s rant about Smashmouth, you would have enjoyed this on your birthday: The closing number for the seventh- and eighth-grade beginning band was “All-Star,” played just as you’d expect middle school kids to play it. Nice and rough, as Tina Turner would say. Ah, I should have turned on my phone and recorded it for you, but so it goes.


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  1. I’ll take the fact that you DIDN’T record it as my birthday present. Thanks!

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