Ain’t no frozen tundra today

Man, it is way too nice to be inside blogging today. Sunny skies that go on forever, with light winds. Welcome to summer in Wisconsin.

Our 12-year-old is out on the river with his friend and his friend’s stepdad this afternoon, idly cruising around, maybe sticking a pole in the water.

I’ve just burned a CD of some cool tunes for summer. Here are two of them, from a couple of guys I’ve seen live and enjoyed.

If you know Colin Hay only as the leader of the ’80s band Men At Work, you need to check out his solo work. A terrific introduction is “Man @ Work,” a 2003 release that blended some fine originals with some mostly acoustic renderings of more familiar Men At Work tunes.

This is one of the originals.


“Beautiful World,” Colin Hay, from “Man @ Work,” 2003.

Jimmy Buffett needs no introduction. I’m no hardcore Parrothead, but I do like some of his older stuff. Like this.


“Lovely Cruise,” Jimmy Buffett, from “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” 1977.

Pour yourself a tall, cool one and enjoy.


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