Today, 49 going on … 22

Yes, today I turn 50. Officially older than dirt.

Don’t feel 50, though. Still feel about 22.

Still not much better than good tunes cranked up.

Some stops along the way to 50:

First rock song I remember: “She Loves You,” by The Beatles. It was the spring of 1964. I was 6, in the first grade at Russell Boulevard Elementary School in Columbia, Missouri, and completely baffled as to why all the girls in my class were ga-ga over this song.

Some will say I remain baffled by girls to this day.

First rock station I listened to: WLS, The Big 89, out of Chicago. With my cousins, while cruising, in the late ’60s. That story is here.

First rock station I constantly listened to: WOKY, The Mighty 92, out of Milwaukee. From the summer of 1970 to the winter of 1972.


First 45 I bought: “In The Summertime” by Mungo Jerry, from the summer of 1970. If I still have it, I haven’t seen it in a long time.


First LP I bought: “Tap Root Manuscript,” by Neil Diamond, from 1970. I still have it. It was between that and “Pearl” by Janis Joplin. (Technically, it’s the second LP I bought. The first was “The Best of Bill Cosby,” a comedy record from 1969. I still have that, too.)


The next LP I bought: “Shaft,” by Isaac Hayes, from 1971. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it. And, yes, I still have it.

First FM rock station I constantly listened to: WIFC, out of Wausau, Wisconsin. You’ve never heard of it, but it was something for a small-town station in the early ’70s, especially after 10 p.m.

First rock chords I played: The intro to “Smoke on the Water,” by Deep Purple. Like everyone else. And I don’t even play.

First rock show: Styx, at the Wausau West High School fieldhouse, sometime in 1975. I’ll tell you that story some day.

Show I remember least: The Marshall Tucker Band, at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Quandt Gym, on April 1, 1977. Too much party before the show.


First show for which I ate a ticket: Gary Wright, at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire arena, on Jan. 28, 1978. Can’t imagine why I wanted to go in the first place, much less why anyone would want to go along.

Most sophisticated rock station I listened to: WORT, 89.9 FM, out of Madison, Wisconsin. An independent, listener-run station then and now. They’ve always called it Back Porch Radio. I got quite an education on those afternoons and occasional late nights from June 1982 to June 1990. Anything but mainstream.

First show at which I met the performer after the show: Folk singer Steve Goodman, at the Madison Civic Center in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 13, 1983. That story is here.

Favorite record store: Inner Sleeve Records in downtown Wausau, Wisconsin. Run by Mike, the same laid-back old hippie, since 1975. I spent a lot of money there from 1975 to 1981. A small-town treasure. Actually, both Mike and the store are small-town treasures.

Most memorable show: Tina Turner, on a side stage at Summerfest in Milwaukee. If memory serves, this was the summer of 1983. At the time, Tina was considered an oldies act. She had split from Ike Turner and was touring with two backup singers, still a year away from her big comeback with “Private Dancer.” On that night, on that side stage, Tina was hot, wild, sexy and soulful. To call her show sizzling or scorching or incendiary doesn’t do it justice. It was insane. You simply could not believe what you were seeing and hearing.

Well, enough of that.

Today’s tune is from 1957, the year I arrived on a Friday night in June.

No point in trotting out the usual suspects. You’ve heard ’em all.

Instead, here’s something old but new (to me, at least).

Many thanks to Scott from Crud Crud for hepping me to this last month.

“Hard Head” was a cut from “Big Beat on the Organ,” Jon Thomas’ 1957 album on Mercury Records. Scott describes it in his post as “an absolute stunner” and “a killer.” He is correct on both counts.

But for the 45 release, they cut it into two parts. Listen to them, and it’s clear Part 2 should come before Part 1. So here they are, in that order.


“Hard Head, Pt. 2” and “Hard Head, Pt. 1,” Jon Thomas, from “Big Beat on the Organ,” 1957.


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11 responses to “Today, 49 going on … 22

  1. Happy Birthday, my friend — may you have many more, all backed by music you love.

    I believe I’ve driven past your elementatry school more than once. I went to grad school at MU in 1983-85 and then taught journalism at Stephens College in 1990-91. I seem to recall Rollins Road as someplace I’ve been. Odd world sometimes, eh?

    And keep the blog rolling. You do a fine job.

  2. Happy birthday!

    I’m looking forward to reading that Styx story…

  3. Happy Birthday, Jeff. Today is also my mom’s birthday. I believe she is slightly older than you. LOL!

  4. Congrats!
    That was a really fun post to read.
    Hey…you’re still 22 in my book!

  5. Charm City

    Just turned 50 last month myself; welcome to the neighborhood. I was at the Marshall Tucker show at Quandt, but apparently had less party prior to the show because I remember a lot of it. John Hammond, Jr., was the opening act, and he played some wonderful acoustic blues only to get booed from the third song on. I saw Firefall/Pure Prairie League at the Wausau West about the same time.

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Meaty

    Congrats, Old Fellar. Pave the way for we youngins.

    First single: England Swings — Roger Miller

    First diva crush: Petula Clark singing Downtown

    First concert: Kiss at the Great Dane with Max, Breits and Krieg

    First Broken Heart LP buy: Christoper Cross

    First reaction to the memories you have summoned by your post: Pathetic

  7. Does it happen, sort of, “All of a sudden?” You wake up one morning, look in the mirror and think “who put up the picture of my Dad?”

    A very happy birthday my friend. May you have many, many more years of quality life left in you!

    Nice youch with the post!

  8. Mike Martinsen

    Congrats on turning 50. As you probably remember I turned 50 in May. Looked for my first album, “Pearl”, and I still have it. Just read that Richard Bell, who appeared on “Pearl” and also did some work with The Band,among many others, passed away on June 15.
    RIP, although I don’t see how anyone could with all the fabulous music being performed up there! Thanks (I think.) for the memories of Al’s Pour House. I can’t believe I survived those 16 hour shifts!

  9. Happy birthday (a day late)! Hope you had a great one. Loved the flashbacks.

  10. Great read and discovery! Happy (belated) birthday, by the way.

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