10,000 visitors can’t be wrong

Lost, maybe, but not wrong.

Sometime Monday, we had the 10,000th visitor to AM, Then FM in the four months we’ve been in business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we thank you for stopping by.

Now, at the risk of driving everyone away, here’s something else from my musty, dusty vinyl collection.

This one starts out with a Morricone-like intro, goes into full-blown prog rock, then delivers a big finish.

It’s Styx, from a 1974 album on Wooden Nickel Records out of Chicago, recorded roughly a year before they hit it big with the single “Lady.”

It’s a guilty pleasure from a long time ago, before Styx became unlistenable.

I could be wrong, though. As always, you be the judge.


“Man of Miracles,” Styx, from “Man of Miracles,” 1974.


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