Nothing up my sleeve …

This is one of those tunes that always makes me smile.

“Hey Rocky” is a little bit of house music that came out of Chicago in 1986. I’m sure I heard it one afternoon on WORT-FM, our fine listener-sponsored indie radio station in Madison, Wisconsin.

It’s a 12-inch single on Trax Records. The artist, credited as Boris Badenough, is really Dean Anderson, a Chicago producer.


Laid over dance beats, “Hey Rocky” is full of samples from the old “Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.” Hey, if I have to explain that, you’d better hop into the Wayback Machine.


If you need a tune to liven up your Fourth of July party, this will do it.


“Hey Rocky,” Boris Badenough, Trax Records 12-inch 130A, 1986.


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11 responses to “Nothing up my sleeve …

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  2. lord emcee

    real nice ish this tune

  3. Hey Rocky! Thanks for your comments on the
    tune…I am the guy who created the track, and I’m always grateful and flattered when I hear good stuff!

    I’m curious how you first came across “Hey Rocky”.

    Was it on radio? In a club? Word of mouth? When you have some time, please fill me in.

    Dean H. Anderson/aka Boris Badenough

    • Andrew Murray

      Some time ago, “hey rocky” was on a compilation album along with a song sampling the Plymouth Fastback Barracuda / Bacaruda advert

      Can you help with the name of the album please?

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  5. Cherbobski

    Hey BB, first heard spun by fellow DJ Warren at Gi Gi’s nightclub, South Wales….Promtly noted and bought. If I remember my copy was on a Jack Trax LP.
    Big memories my man and nuff respect!

  6. El Kabong

    Quick question on this tune — I’ve been able to find the 12″ version, but I can’t find the shorter version that I heard on the radio … the version that has more lines from the episode in question (e.g. “No brain, no effect”

    • El Kabong

      Believe it or not, I was able to find the 7″ on eBay for a whopping $8. Now I just have to figure out how to rip it.

  7. GMS

    First heard it in 1250 KKFX in Seattle in 86

  8. Well Dean, I reckon You do not visit this space every day, but I will tell You the story behind how I heard “Hey Rocky” for the first time.
    I worked as a DJ in those days, and I saw this 12″ single in the shop, and I though, well, I will try it. I was sold after 5 seconds, and the track has been folng me ever since.
    I have it in my car, so if i feel blue one day, this song shines everything up.
    It is the only song from the 80`s that NEVER dies, brilliant Dean !!!
    I owe You a lot…..


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