It’s the All Request Hour

I’ve written before about seeing Warren Zevon as he toured to support “The Envoy” in October 1982.


When I did, Shark mentioned he’s long been looking for that album. It was remastered and re-released earlier this year, but the following cuts are off my original vinyl from 25 years ago.

Shark also mentioned one cut in particular as one of his favorites.

That would be “Charlie’s Medicine.” Well, enjoy, my man.

I’ve also included one of my favorites: “The Hula Hula Boys.”

Both are from “The Envoy,” Warren Zevon, 1982.



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2 responses to “It’s the All Request Hour

  1. Shark

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You! “Charlie’s Medicine” from Warren Zevon absolutely rocks! Honestly, I have not heard that song since I played it on the radio 25 years ago on WAHC-FM in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Which one of my first-born children would you like as a token of my appreciation, Jeff?

  2. Two WZ songs I have never heard…and easily should of gotten air play when released.
    Thanks for posting!

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