The travelers are home

It’s been pretty quiet around here, with few posts, because we’ve been away on vacation.

Our 12-year-old arrived home early Tuesday morning from a two-week guided tour of Hawaii. He gamely made it to 8:30 p.m. before he faded and collapsed into bed.

While Evan was spending his second week in Hawaii, Mom and Dad spent a long weekend in New York City. It was my first trip there, but Janet has been there before. A New York post is forthcoming, but not today.

I was away from the Web for almost five days, so I’m still getting caught up on my reading.

— In the wake of my recent post about whether it has become politically incorrect to enjoy the music of Ike and Tina Turner came the story out of St. Louis about how the mayor turned down a request to proclaim an “Ike Turner Day” on Labor Day weekend.

Roy Kasten, over at Living In Stereo, has weighed in with a far more eloquent, far more informed essay on Ike Turner than I turned out. He also shares a piece he wrote for the Riverfront Times weekly and offers a handful of samples of Ike Turner’s music.

— Speaking of reading material, head over to Jefitoblog, where I again have the honor of being a guest contributor. This time, it’s an essay in an occasional series entitled “Safe for Crackers.” Jefito describes it this way:

To celebrate suburban rap’s 21st birthday, a number of bloggers, writers and friends will be sharing their memories of this era, and talking about the songs that acted as their gateway to rap — the music that, in Jason (Hare)’s words, made it “safe for crackers.”

I’m not likely to write often about that, but I have enjoyed some tunes from that genre over the last 25 years. So head over there if you’re curious to see what someone older than dirt has to say about rap.

So let’s get ready for that New York post with a bit of a New York groove.


“Gotham City,” Nelson Riddle, from “Batman: Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album,” 1966. The fine folks at Check The Cool Wax posted the entire album earlier this year.

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