Sleepy Sunday, Vol. 28

Because we recently hooked up with The Hype Machine, we’ve had a few more visitors to AM, Then FM. If you’ve been a regular visitor to Sleepy Sundays, it’s OK to skip right to the tune.

If you’re new around here, Sleepy Sundays are a regular feature here at AM, Then FM.

Sleepy LaBeef, the human jukebox, is a national treasure. I don’t remember how I came to know his music roughly 20 years ago, but he instantly became one of my faves.

Born in Smackover, Arkansas, he stands a solid 6-foot-6 and belts out rockabilly, roots, blues, country and gospel tunes in a deep, smoky baritone while raking away on his guitar. He’s 71, and still touring.

Today’s cut was the first one we rolled out for a Sleepy Sunday. It’s the first cut from the first Sleepy LaBeef album I ever heard, a live album recorded at Harper’s Ferry in Allston, Massachusetts, on Oct. 20, 1985. I know nothing about this club, but it rocked that night.

Live is really the only way to hear Sleepy LaBeef, thus today’s selection. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen him live four times.

So on with Sleepy Sunday. This is a cover of a tune written by Hank Ballard and done by Ballard and the Midnighters. It came out in 1956 on the Federal label. Twenty years later, it was covered by Jerry Garcia.

Oh, and a word to the uninitiated: Ain’t nothing sleepy about Sleepy. Enjoy.


“Tore Up Over You,” Sleepy LaBeef, from “Nothin’ But The Truth,” 1987.

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  1. Wide Awake on Monday here, and tearing it up thank you


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