Don’t pin me down

So I’m sitting at Moe’s on Friday, having a couple of tacos and watching Fox News because it is the only thing on the big-screen TV facing my way, and I see something along these lines:

“Can Barack Obama be elected president if he won’t wear a flag pin?”

Fortunately, the sound is turned down and I can’t hear whatever absurd commentary the Fox talking heads are spewing on this topic.

One thing, and one thing only, immediately popped into my head: Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven.

Obama, one of the Democrats running for that party’s nomination, said last week he doesn’t feel the need to wear a flag pin on his lapel to show his patriotism. Here’s how the Chicago Tribune covered the story.

As always, you be the judge.

Let’s just say John Prine’s song, which came out on his debut album in 1971, has not aged a day.


“Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore,” John Prine, from “John Prine,” 1971.



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3 responses to “Don’t pin me down

  1. Shark

    Geez, the Iowa Caucas is still a few months away and the “2008 Stupidity in Covering the Candidates Tour” is already underway on Faux News. The question of “How patriotic one must be to be considered patriotic?” ranks right up there with, “How high is high?,” “How bad is bad?,” and “How stupid is stupid?” Everyday is a slow news day at Faux News, the #1 cheerleading network of World War III…that is, until WWIII actually happens.

  2. John Prine’s an f-ing genius. ‘Sam Stone’ also seems to be especially relevant these days.

    PS That flag pin BS is an absolutely mind-boggling bit of cynical politics, but less mind-boggling than the people that’ll buy into it wholeheartedly.

  3. Jude

    Just another not-so-subtle reminder why this: is the coolest magnet on my fridge.

    News For Dum Fux. (just google that for a visual if this doesn’t link up properly.)

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