It’s still not unusual

If you’ve been a regular visitor to AM, Then FM, you know we dig Tom Jones around here. We don’t dig everything he does, but what we like, we like a lot.

On my latest crate-digging expeditions, I came up with not one, but two out-of-print Tom Jones albums from 1969. Typical for his albums of that time, they’re a mix of glossy pop, occasionally well-chosen covers and occasionally blistering R&B.


Found first: “This is Tom Jones.” It’s almost all covers, with none of his popular singles. Still, there are a couple of gems.


Found next: “Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas.” It was recorded at the Flamingo. This is a terrific album, capturing a 29-year-old Jones at his peak, just as his popular ABC-TV show was taking off. The backing orchestra and band is led by Johnnie Spence, who also was his conductor for the TV show.

We’re going to pay a couple of visits to these albums.

Today, we’re going to hear how TJ blows up a couple of country tunes. Ain’t nothing country about the way he does …

“Dance of Love,” Tom Jones, from “This is Tom Jones,” 1969. This is a tune written and done first by Charlie Rich in 1965 on the Smash label. If you think of Rich only as a white-haired country crooner, think again.

“I Can’t Stop Loving You,” Tom Jones, from “Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas,” 1969. This is a tune written and done first by Don Gibson in 1958, then a lushly orchestrated No. 1 hit for Ray Charles in 1962.


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3 responses to “It’s still not unusual

  1. Amazingly enough, I have “Hard To Handle” from the Las Vegas LP on tap for my next mix. What an awesome yet unlikely piece of funk that is. Whoever is playing the wah wah pedal is how do they say it, spot on? I hope to have the mix and its companion zip file finished real soon…

  2. You can’t beat the atomic Tom Jones
    Have you noticed how everyone he sings with is smiling – it’s meant to be the volume – apparently it’s meant to be deafing when you’re in the same room and he sings at point blank range

    Gotta great Northern Soul Tom track here and two great clips Tom and Janis Joplin and Ray Charles Billy Preston

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