Sleepy Sunday, Vol. 35

A little celebration is in order on this Sleepy Sunday!

Whiteray, our pal over at Echoes in the Wind, went and done got hitched to the lovely Texas Gal the other day.

This tune from Sleepy LaBeef, national treasure, might be in order.

It was done first by the Eagles — no, not those Eagles — in 1954. It’s been covered by Elvis Presley, the Animals and Faith Hill.

So here you go, kids. Congratulations and best wishes for a continued wonderful life together.


“Trying to Get to You,” Sleepy LaBeef, from “Strange Things Happening,” 1994.

(Rose Marie McCoy, who wrote this tune with Charles Singleton, is a fascinating story in her own right. She started out as a singer in the black show clubs of the early ’50s — including the Flame Show Bar in Detroit and the Club Baby Grand in Harlem — then became an independent songwriter who was much in demand. She’s described as “one of the most prolific but least known songwriters of the ’50s and ’60s. McCoy’s 850 published songs have been performed by legends from Big Maybelle to Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, from Ruth Brown to Bette Midler and Elvis Presley.” That’s how they’re billing a McCoy tribute that’ll be part of a show called “Ladies Singing the Blues on Broadway” next month in New York City. McCoy, still going at 85, will be there.)


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  1. Somehow, and I am sorry, I don’t think I thanked you for this quickly enough. We both appreciate the music and the good wishes. Thanks much!

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