Same program, different channel

After posting that side from David Lindley and El Rayo-X the other night, I had the lingering feeling that it wasn’t quite the right fit for AM, Then FM.

Worthy, but not quite at home here. Just not the right vibe, I guess.

So now, I’d like to point you to our new project, The Midnight Tracker blog.

There, you’ll find vintage vinyl, one side at a time.

I’m planning to post one side a week, perhaps more as my time allows.

Please be assured that AM, Then FM remains the big hitter around here, and will continue to get most of my attention. I’ve been working behind the scenes on something special for the holidays, something I hope you will dig.

That said, I assure you I’m …


“Growing Older But Not Up,” Jimmy Buffett, from “Coconut Telegraph,” 1981.

It’s a nice little ballad that speaks to those of us who are older than dirt yet young at heart.

Buffett wrote it after breaking a leg while playing softball. The leg was in a cast when Buffett, then 31, was one of the musical guests on “Saturday Night Live” on May 13, 1978. (Buffett played “Son of a Son of a Sailor” that night. Richard Dreyfuss hosted and Gary Tigerman was the other musical guest. I don’t remember Gary Tigerman, even after googling him. Do you?)


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One response to “Same program, different channel

  1. TNL

    Yeah, this song is a classic from Buffett’s “mustache era”. Many good songs on this LP and Somewhere Over China. He would slowly walk away from the hedonist lifestyle music after Coconut Telegraph and not live in the Keys full time again. I guess we all have to grow up a little at some point.

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