The chill of November

Over at the fine Echoes in the Wind blog, our pal Whiteray has been doing a pretty good job of conveying what it is like when November arrives in the upper Midwest.

He’s covered the gales of November, with his Saturday singles post on Gordon Lightfoot’s classic tune about a Lake Superior freighter going down in a raging storm. To those of us who live near the Great Lakes, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is seared into memory.

Earlier today, Whiteray discussed life as a football fan on these fine November weekends, with his high school team bringing joy and his college and NFL teams bringing something less.

To that, I simply would add …

John Facenda, the legendary voice of NFL Films, has a few words to say about November. He does not mess around. It takes 18 seconds for him to have his say.

“November,” narration by John Facenda, from “The Power and the Glory: The Original Music and Voices of NFL Films,” 1998.


If you have any kind of an NFL bash, whether a tailgate party or simply having folks over to watch, you need to have NFL Films music in your mix.

Here, then, is another piece by the incomparable Sam Spence. It also conveys more of the chill of November.

“The Equalizer,” composed by Sam Spence, from “The Power and the Glory: The Original Music and Voices of NFL Films,” 1998.

If you are not from our part of the country, and you find it odd that we celebrate November in Minnesota and Wisconsin, consider this:

Part of the perverse appeal of the impending arrival of another winter is that we can justify spending more time inside, surrounded by our tunes, rocking out to keep the chill away.

One more thing, added a day later: Our pal JB over at The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ also has a few things to say about November in Wisconsin.

Still another thing, added three days later: Over at Pieces of Perplexio Pi, there’s still another essay on life in the north in November. It’s not a music blog, but it’s certainly worth a read.


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5 responses to “The chill of November

  1. Oh man, I grew up listening to John Facenda on NFL Films. With that voice, he made making a ham sandwich sound like Armageddon. And no one could pronounce “Lombardi” like he could.

    Great post, and thanks for linking me up!

  2. John Facenda’s voice is indelibly linked to the NFL for all eternity due to his vocal delivery on all those classic NFL films. He made losses feel like losing your first born and victories sound like world domination.

  3. Facenda, well, what do you say? Except that no one could say “frozen tundra” like he could!

  4. Michael

    Being a Giants fan, you have my condolences.

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