Three under the tree, Vol. 13

Simply put, three elegantly piano-driven Christmas tunes tonight.

Our friend JB over at The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ mentioned our first cut the other day as he started doin’ the Christmas shuffle.


“Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” the Ramsey Lewis Trio, from “Sound of Christmas,” 1961; re-released on CD, 2004.

JB says: “Lewis gives this jolly holiday song a bluesy twist, making it my favorite version.”

Our second cut was another of the tunes on a cassette tape I named “Willie’s Hot Christmas,” when I taped it off WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin, some 20 years ago. Circle back to Vol. 7 for more tunes from that tape. (And as I do a little more research on this album, I stumble across another of the unidentified tunes on that tape, one I’ve long been seeking!)


“I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” McCoy Tyner, 1967, from “Jingle Bell Jazz,” 1985. This CD combines two older Columbia albums, the original “Jingle Bell Jazz” and “God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen.”

Our third cut I found somewhere on the web earlier this year. Though I know of Tori Amos, I’m not at all familiar with her work. I like what she does with this Christmas classic, though.


“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” Tori Amos, “Spark” EP or B side, 1998.

Enjoy. More to come.


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2 responses to “Three under the tree, Vol. 13

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  2. J.K.

    Thank you for your many excellent song postings. I’ve been burning Xmas CDs to give to friends since 2002 and every year I have a nice mix thanks to help from generous people like yourself. And I learned some things as well, thanks to the informative blogging that goes along with. Best wishes to you for the holidays and thanks again!

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