A little something extra

During all those Christmas tunes, I mentioned in passing that Dave Edmunds has long been one of my faves.

When I was just getting into AM radio in 1970, “I Hear You Knocking” was getting plenty of airplay, and I dug it. I rediscovered his rocking style of roots-reverent music in the late ’70s. There aren’t many better records than “Repeat When Necessary,” which came out in 1979.

That’s one of three so-called solo records on which Edmunds is joined by bass player Nick Lowe, second guitarist Billy Bremner and drummer Terry Williams. You know, Rockpile. They’d played together since 1975, essentially doing three Edmunds records and two Lowe records in the late ’70s, but doing so unbilled as a group.

It wasn’t until 1980 that Rockpile was able to record under its own name. Their lone album — “Seconds of Pleasure” — while pleasant enough, didn’t quite meet the expectations of critics or fans. I was happy to get that album in 1980, though.

With it came a little bonus — a four-song EP on which Edmunds and Lowe faithfully cover their heroes, the Everly Brothers. That EP was hard to find for a long time, as was the LP, but both were reissued together on a remastered CD in 2004.

That’s what we have for you tonight. The four-song EP, taken from the original vinyl. The acoustic arrangements are simple. The harmonies are wonderful. All faithful to the Everlys’ originals.


“Take a Message to Mary”

“Crying in the Rain”

“Poor Jenny”

“When Will I Be Loved?”

Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe, from “Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds Sing the Everly Brothers,” an EP included with “Seconds of Pleasure,” 1980.

Enjoy, and rest assured we’ll be circling back to more material from Edmunds, Lowe, Bremner and Rockpile.


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4 responses to “A little something extra

  1. love the edmunds and lowe sing these classic everly songs. great stuff!! look forward to hearing more edmunds. he too is one of my faves.
    thanks again!!!

  2. Shark

    Somehow, Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra got into the picture around 1983 and Dave Edmunds recorded a minor Top 40 hit, “Slippin’ Away” which sounded very much like an ELO song. Around the same time, ELO had a hit called “Rock & Roll is King” which had the trademark Dave Edmunds rockabilly sound. Several years later, Jeff Lynne turned up with the Traveling Wilburys and gave them their unique sound.

  3. billie

    Great stuff, indeed! I love these guys. Their work as Rockpile with Billy Bremner and Terry Williams was truly exceptional. Thanks, and I look forward to your posts.

  4. I like LRB’s cover of When Will I Be Loved which was supposed to have been their first single but it got shelved when Linda Ronstadt released her cover of that classic before LRB had the chance to. It was finally released on their 2 CD Reminiscing compilation several years later.

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