Midnight Tracker sampler, Vol. 1

Our other blog, The Midnight Tracker, has been around for three months, and only now are we figuring out how to do it right.

We post a vintage side of vinyl over there roughly once a week.

Over here, we’ll post a little sample of that side, in the hopes you’ll head over there for more.

Tonight on The Midnight Tracker, it’s Side 1 of “Lou Rawls Live!”

Recorded before a room full of music industry folks in Los Angeles in 1966 and produced by David Axelrod, it has everything you’d want — jazz, blues, soul and Rawls’ trademark stream-of-consciousness patter between some of the songs.

This tune features Rawls, of course, and Tommy Strode on piano.


“Tobacco Road,” Lou Rawls, from “Lou Rawls Live!” 1966.

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One response to “Midnight Tracker sampler, Vol. 1

  1. Hermes

    Hey, thanks a lot for posting. Just discovered Lou Rowls and was looking out for something like this.
    I’ll keep watching your blog.

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