Sleepy Sunday, Vol. 49

Somewhere in the basement, there is a copy of this album.


It’s called “My Zydeco Shoes Got the Zydeco Blues,” by Rockin’ Sidney.

Rockin’ Sidney was Sidney Simien, the veteran Louisiana R&B/blues/pop/Cajun/zydeco singer who wrote and performed “My Toot-Toot.” That started out as a regional hit in 1984, then became a huge international hit, covered by dozens of performers.

Including Sleepy LaBeef, national treasure.

Here, he does it live at Harper’s Ferry in Allston, Massachusetts, on Oct. 20, 1985. Sleepy’s big, deep baritone is particularly effective on this tune.


“My Toot-Toot,” Sleepy LaBeef, from “Nothin’ But the Truth,” 1987.

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