Moving day at Ray’s Corner

If you’re a regular visitor to AM, Then FM, you know we occasionally visit Ray’s Corner and cue up some selections from my dad’s music collection.

Ray’s Corner is the apartment with the loud music, where the martinis are still made of gin with the vermouth bottle held about a foot away.

Tomorrow, though, Ray will be moving from his corner apartment.

At 82, he’s finding it increasingly difficult to get around, so he’s moving from the second floor down to the first floor, and moving his parking space so he doesn’t have to walk across the lot to get to his car. He’ll be next door to his friend, Maxine, so that’s an added bonus.

So we’ll be up early in the morning to help him with a move that comes just in time.


“Early in the Mornin,'” Louis Jordan, 1947, from “The Best of Louis Jordan,” a 1989 compilation on CD.


“Just in Time,” Dean Martin, 1960, from “Dino: The Essential Dean Martin,” a 2004 compilation on CD.

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One response to “Moving day at Ray’s Corner

  1. Hey pallie, sendin’ my best Dinogreetin’s to you and your father as he moves…..things in life change…but Dinodevotion never…hope things warm up for you on movin’ day!

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