Soundtracks, anyone?

Today was not my day at the used record store.

I fingered a couple thousand records, looking for something interesting. I found nothing.

The closest thing to interesting was a huge soundtrack collection that had come into the store since the last time I was there.


I saw, and thought about, the soundtrack to “Light of Day,” with Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox as sibling rockers, from 1987. I like Jett, and there’s a Dave Edmunds cut on the album, but I’ve never seen the film. Would anyone recommend this one?


I also saw in that soundtrack collection, and thought about, this album of Disney movie covers by Louis Armstrong from 1968. But most of it wasn’t the Disney music I dig.

So I decided to save my money for our big local record show (coming up in three weeks!) and head home to a stack of albums that’s already plenty big.

In that stack is the soundtrack to “Porky’s Revenge,” the final film in that legendary trilogy. It’s chock full of great ’50s- and ’60s-sounding tunes and covers lovingly produced by Dave Edmunds.

We’ll save Dave’s stuff for another day. Until then, enjoy …


“Sleep Walk” by Jeff Beck and “I Don’t Want to Do It” by George Harrison, both from the “Porky’s Revenge” soundtrack, 1985.

Beck covers the instrumental that was a No. 1 hit for Santo and Johnny in 1959. It also appears on “Beckology,” his 1991 box set, which is out of print.

Harrison, who at the time wasn’t recording anything, covered a Bob Dylan tune for his pal Edmunds. (That’s Jimmie Vaughan on guitar.) It was a hint of things to come. Just three years later, Harrison and Dylan teamed up in the Wilbury Brothers.


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3 responses to “Soundtracks, anyone?

  1. Best Disney Song EVER!

    I wanna be like you – Louis Prima

    here’s the movie version

    If you don’t have them, I’ll be glad to send them to you.

  2. Shark

    As for “Light of Day”…it’s ok, but it’s a bit depressing throughout the film. The title track, “Light of Day” is a good rocker, featuring Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox actually singing with Joan. So , you have Joan Jett acting and Michael J. Fox singing…and they both do a pretty good job of it.

  3. Prodigal Son

    I think Shark decribes the movie pretty well. Worth seeing. “Light of Day” is a good rocker proabably becasue it was written by Bruce Springsteen. The only thing I would add is it does a good job describing the Ohio (Cleveland, Akron, Dayton) club scene form the eighties. Something that The Music Blog of the Infonistacrat! writes about on occasion.

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