Overheard while crate-digging

When DJ Pres goes crate-digging on the East Coast, he encounters some fairly curious characters almost every week.

Our opportunities for crate-digging are few and far between in our corner of Wisconsin, but we enjoyed one today. And sure enough, there were a few characters. None like the ones DJ Pres runs across — this is the mild-mannered Midwest, after all — but characters by our standards.

There was Price Guide Guy, his book neatly marked up with the records he already had. There was Clipboard Man, working from what appeared to be an extensive and lovingly prepared want list. There was The Loner, a guy carrying on a conversation with himself as he went through the crates.

Then there was Don Quixote.

A short, older guy in his late 50s or early 60s, Don sidled up next to me as I went through some crates. He’d brought an album to the show.

“Were you here two years ago?” he asked the guy behind the table. The dealer said he had been.

Don pulled the LP from the jacket and pointed out a flaw — a nick, a chip, a scratch, something. Don gently but persistently pointed out that flaw.

“I’d never sell a record that looked like that,” the dealer said.

That sorta took the wind out of Don’s sails. He gave it one last, feeble try, then moved on. He was almost out of earshot, but then I heard, from a couple of tables over …

“Were you here two years ago?”

I never did get a good look at Don’s album. I was too busy looking for us.

Here are some of the LPs in today’s haul. If you see something you might want to hear, drop me a note. After all, we take requests at AM, Then FM.

  • Jimmy Smith, “The Best of Jimmy Smith,” 1968.
  • King Curtis, “Instant Groove,” 1969.
  • Ike and Tina Turner, “Too Hot to Hold,” 1969, and “Workin’ Together,” 1971.
  • R. Dean Taylor, “I Think, Therefore I Am,” 1970.
  • Shuggie Otis, “Freedom Flight,” 1971.
  • Dennis Coffey, “Goin’ for Myself,” 1972.

Here’s another part of today’s haul. A couple of selections from “The Best of Buddah,” a two-record compilation set from 1976 that covers about a decade of hit singles.

“Somebody’s Been Sleeping,” 100 Proof (Aged in Soul), a 1970 single. Long one of my faves.

“O-o-h Child,” The Five Stairsteps, also a 1970 single. I’ve written before about how much I like this tune.

One more thing: We surpassed 100,000 visitors on Friday morning. Thanks, everyone. More to come!



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2 responses to “Overheard while crate-digging

  1. jb

    I’ve had that “Best of Buddah” compilation for years–it’s a great one. Surely somebody’s done a CD box featuring Buddah stuff. I should go looking for it sometime.

  2. nice to see the midwest has some characters as well. next sunday is the yearly record show here, we’ll see how that one goes. cheers-

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