Turnabout is fair play

This kept running through my mind as I rummaged through my local more-or-less indie record store on Saturday afternoon:

“Why do I want to buy this on CD when I can pick up the original vinyl for far less at the used record store? And get better sound?”

I guess I’ve become a vinyl snob. No apologies, though. There is some justice in finding great music at a far more affordable price.

That said, I’ll have to stop back at The Exclusive Company more often. They’ve expanded the vinyl selection quite nicely since I last was in there.

So tonight, an oldie that is new to me. I hadn’t heard it, but I trust the label. Remember doing that at the record store? You cannot go wrong with anything on the Daptone Records label. It’s R&B, funk and soul made new in Brooklyn, but sounding as if it came out of the ’60s and ’70s.

Here’s the title cut of an album released a decade ago on New York’s Desco Records and re-released on Daptone.

“Sugar’s Boogaloo,” the Sugarman 3, from “Sugar’s Boogaloo,” 1998.

On this album, the Sugarman 3 — an instrumental combo that’s a throwback to the ’60s — is anchored by Neal Sugarman on tenor sax, Adam Scone on the Hammond B-3 organ and Rudy Albin on drums. The group’s official bio says:

“Driven by a fluid tenor sax and warm Hammond B-3, ‘Sugar’s Boogaloo’ explored the jazzy side of Funk. The band’s debut featured smooth originals written by Sugarman with a few sly instrumental reworkings of classic tunes.”

Here’s one of the latter, with Daisy Sugarman accompanying the fellas on that cool flute.

“Sunshine Superman,” the Sugarman 3, from “Sugar’s Boogaloo,” 1998.

(The first link to the album is to the vinyl LP. The second link to the album is to the CD.)


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