20/20/20 vision, Part I

One of our local used record sellers had a “spring cleaning tent sale” in his back yard last weekend.

Jim promised “thousands of $1 LPs … under the tents!!” Indeed, Jim had lots of swell stuff.

When I was done rummaging through the boxes in the two tents, I had 20 albums for $20. That’s the raw material for a brief series of posts that begins … now!

Welcome to the first installment of 20 Songs from 20 Albums for $20.

Nothing real deep here. Just enjoy the tunes, coming at you more or less at random, the way I came across all these goodies under the tents.

“You’re the Love of My Life,” the Spinners, from “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,” 1977. Out of print. The link is to a CD release with this album and part of another Spinners album, “Labor of Love,” from 1981.

Great opening guitar riff and horn charts on this classic slice of Philly soul.

“When the World’s At Peace,” the O’Jays, from “Back Stabbers,” 1972. The album is out of print, but this tune is available on “The Ultimate O’Jays,” a 2001 CD release.

A nice, nasty bit from the place where Philly funk meets James Brown.

“Always Something There To Remind Me,” R.B. Greaves, from “R.B. Greaves,” 1969.

R.B. covers the great Burt Bacharach-Hal David tune.

“See Saw,” Tom Jones, from “I (Who Have Nothing),” 1970. Out of print, and not on any CD release I can find. However, it is on “This Is Tom Jones,” a 2007 DVD release of some of his classic TV variety shows.

TJ covers a little bit of Memphis soul by Don Covay and Steve Cropper.

More to come! (As soon as I rip them.)


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