Midnight Tracker sampler, Vol. 7

Over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker, we’re fulfilling a request by serving up a side from the soundtrack to “Where the Buffalo Roam.”

That’s the 1980 film in which Bill Murray played gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, for better or worse.

It has a soundtrack on which Neil Young orchestrates and performs several riffs and variations on “Home on the Range,” also for better or worse. Those bits surround some classic rock tunes from the late ’60s.

As always, you be the judge.

“Home, Home on the Range,” Neil Young, and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” Bill Murray and Rene Auberjonois, both from the “Where the Buffalo Roam” soundtrack, 1980. Out of print.

Updated June 28: We’ve added Side 2 over at The Midnight Tracker.


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3 responses to “Midnight Tracker sampler, Vol. 7

  1. Since you’ve got this uncanny and exceptional knack for finding obscure music… There’s a rather obscure single (or it may have been a B-side) recorded by Canadian, Ian Thomas (younger brother of Comedian Dave Thomas of Strange Brew fame) called Chains. This song was later re-arranged by Peter Cetera and recorded by Chicago for Chicago 16. But I’ve heard that the original arrangement by Thomas was/is considerably different than the Chicago version. A Chicago collector once mentioned having a 45 of the Thomas version but he never indicated whether it was the A or B side of the single. Thanks for your help in the past and I’m quite enjoying your blog. This and “The Hits Just Keep on Coming” are both favorite reads of mine.

  2. “Chains” is the A side and “Stringin’ A Line” is the B side.

  3. Oh, sweet — I bought this album for the Neil Young when I first found it new in vinyl, but the Bill Murray track was the best for parties — people would come out of the woodwork to say :what the hell IS this”, and I’d have to explain “It’s Bill Murray, playing Hunter S. Thompson…” And then I’d have to write the name of the film down on a billion pieces of paper, so everyone could go find it. One of the great lost roles, there.

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