20/20/20 vision, Part IV

We’re back with the next-to-last installment of our brief series, 20 Songs from 20 Albums for $20.

There are tunes off the albums I found under the tents in the back yard of one of our local used record dealers earlier this month. We’re spinning them at random, much the way we found them as we wandered through the crates.

This is from the first batch I found, a mother lode of Isley Brothers LPs.

“I Turned You On,” the Isley Brothers, from “Isleys’ Greatest Hits,” a 1973 compilation. Originally released on “The Brothers: Isley,” 1969. Both are out of print. “I turned you on/now I can’t turn you off.” Sock it to me, indeed.

“Fight the Power (Part 1 & 2),” the Isley Brothers, from “Forever Gold,” a 1977 greatest hits compilation that’s out of print. Originally released on “The Heat Is On,” 1975. It hasn’t aged a day. There’s still all this bullshit going down, brothers and sisters.

Both tunes also available on “The Essential Isley Brothers,” a 2004 CD release.

“Listen To The Music,” the Isley Brothers, from “3 + 3,” 1973. If the Doobie Brothers had done this one with this much funk, I might have liked them more than I did.

“Shout,” Lloyd Williams, from “Animal House” soundtrack, 1978. A cover of a tune by — who else? — the Isley Brothers.

More to come! (As soon as I rip them.)

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