20/20/20 vision, Part V

Here’s the last installment in our supposedly brief series, 20 Songs from 20 Albums for $20.

There are tunes off the albums I found under the tents in the back yard of one of our local used record dealers last month. We’ve taken so long to finish the series that there’s another tent sale this weekend.

Today’s batch is a bit of a mixed bag, if only because we’ve come to the end.

“Dead End Street,” Lou Rawls, 1967, from “The Best of Lou Rawls,” 1968. Reissued in 1979 but out of print regardless. Available on “The Legendary Lou Rawls,” a 1992 CD release.

Though the album jacket is falling apart, the grooves on the record have held up pretty well. Most of Lou Rawls’ early tunes produced by David Axelrod have held up pretty well. This cut is preceded by one of Rawls’ classic spoken monologues. He, too, is a godfather of hip-hop.

“Get Ready,” the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band,” from “Together,” 1968. The album link is to a 2007 CD release by Rhino UK. The remastered LP features eight bonus tracks.

This mostly instrumental version of the familiar tune came after it was a hit for the Temptations in 1966 but before it became an even bigger hit for Rare Earth in 1970. Charles Wright and the band crank up a driving, jazzy, funky take on the tune written by Smokey Robinson.

“Sweet Sticky Thing,” Ohio Players, from “Honey,” 1975.

You know the big hit off this album. This is the other hit, one you may not have heard or simply may not remember, having long been overshadowed by the enduring popularity of “Love Rollercoaster.” It’s a sweet slice of classic ’70s soul/jazz.

“Roll Over Beethoven,” Electric Light Orchestra, from “ELO II,” 1973. The album link is to a 2006 CD release. The remastered LP features four bonus tracks.

I confess. I bought this album only to get a decent rip on this tune. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen it posted here before. No apologies, though. I like it that much.

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One response to “20/20/20 vision, Part V

  1. Greetings…haven’t been around for a few weeks…too busy coaching baseball and running a business…and being tardy with my own posts…kudos on this series…as I’ve been looking at them, I can smell the musty canvas of the tent and feel that slight touch of greasiness that sits on the covers of these albums…a tent full of $1 records is like being turned loose in a candy store…I honor you for having the discipline to spend just $20…you’re a better man than me. Music Junkie at Fusion 45.

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