Goin’ down Highway 51

We used to play a little game as we sat in The Hose’s living room, quaffing Hamm’s beer and watching basketball on a tiny black-and-white TV. We’d pick up the paper and check out the daily list of celebrity birthdays.

So let’s play “Who’s Older?” for June 21, shall we?

Ray Davies of the Kinks. I’ve never really been into the Kinks, but I do like this album:

“Apeman,” the Kinks, from “Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One,” 1970. (You’ve heard the fabulous “Lola” enough. Here’s the single that followed “Lola.” Its notion of fleeing modern society holds up pretty well almost 40 years later. Ray Davies wrote both tunes.)

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, who co-wrote this song (which Evan may find on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith some day).

“Pandora’s Box,” Aerosmith, from “Get Your Wings,” 1974.

Joe Molland of Badfinger, who played guitar on this, the terrific B side to the “Come and Get It” single, which I had when I was 12:

“Rock of All Ages,” Badfinger, from “Magic Christian Music,” 1970. (Thanks to the gents over at Popdose for posting this a couple of months ago.)

Lalo Schifrin, who composed several memorable TV themes, including this one:

“Mannix,” Lalo Schifrin, 1967, from “Crime Stoppers: TV’s Greatest P.I. Themes,” a 2000 CD compilation that’s out of print. (This is the long version, with an extra minute you may not have heard.)

Think you know who’s older?

Schifrin is 76. Davies is 64. Molland is 61. Kramer is 58.

And I am 51. I’ve driven quite a few miles on Highway 51, too.


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6 responses to “Goin’ down Highway 51

  1. The best to you on your birthday! Good tunes, too, as always.

  2. Mike Martinsen

    Happy 51st my friend!!

  3. jb

    It’s a comfort to know that no matter how old I get, I’ll always be younger than you are.

    Beer is on me, someday.

  4. Every birthday is the best birthday ever. Hope yours at least reminded you of the old ‘sex and drugs and rock and roll’ anthem of old.

    Order a single malt scotch on me!

  5. Belated happy birthday!

    Apeman was one of my favourite songs from when I was a kid. Thanks for bringing back a good memory…

  6. Happy Happy Happy Jeff!!

    I can’t believe you put up Apeman. We’re up at the Cape for vaca this week and doing a lot of people watching on the beach. Couldn’t help but notice how many older men can lose a head of hair and still keep a back of hair. Our youngest commented on this JUST YESTERDAY!! So……needless to say – Hubby and I started belting out Apeman. We got that “Oh My God my parents are crazy look”. Told them it was a song – they didn’t believe us. CANNOT WAIT to play it for them this morning!!!

    Too funny

    Thanks for the memories (and the proof!)

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