The ABCs of DE, Vol. 5

This one sounds like ELO, but it’s Dave Edmunds.

You can thank Dave’s pal Jeff Lynne for that. He wrote and produced this tune from “Riff Raff,” which Dave released on Columbia Records in 1984. It’s one of three such cuts on the album.

Lynne’s work with Edmunds in 1983 and 1984, though sounding much like ELO, hints at his work to come with the Traveling Wilburys at the end of the decade.

“S.O.S.,” Dave Edmunds, from “Riff Raff,” 1984. The album link is to an import CD that puts this album and Dave’s “I Hear You Rockin'” live album from 1987 on the same disc.

“Riff Raff” was the last of four studio albums released by Edmunds during the ’80s.



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2 responses to “The ABCs of DE, Vol. 5

  1. David

    Yeah, Jeff Lynne is one of the better producer in the world! I found this great website about him:
    S.O.S. is a great tune.

  2. Aaaah – Slipping Away is one of the best songs of that era (and a great early MTV video too). Great post! I never knew the Jeff Lynne connection (ELO’s classic sci-fi album “Time” is on heavy iPod rotation this week).

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