A souvenir from England

Our 13-year-son is back from his three-week trip to the UK, complete with dirt from a Irish peat bog still under his nails.

His suitcase was packed full of souvenirs. There was something for his girlfriend, something for his best friend, something for Grandpa and even something for Mom and Dad.

Evan didn’t know I’d written about this when he chose this souvenir for me. But, no, he didn’t get to see Abbey Road. “The high school kids got to see that kind of stuff,” he said.

But I do love me some “Patches.” And I would like to see Abbey Road some day. So in that spirit …

“Let It Be,” Clarence Carter, from “Patches,” 1970. (The album link is to a 2-on-1 CD also featuring “The Dynamic Clarence Carter” from 1969.)



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3 responses to “A souvenir from England

  1. I was about as big a Beatles’ fan as could be in my high school days, especially loving “Abbey Road.” During a college year in Europe, I spent a bit more than three days in London. I never thought once about checking out the crosswalk at Abbey Road, to my great and everlasting regret. (Nor did I get to the Royal Albert Hall to see if it was, in fact, filled with holes.) Let us know how you use the patch!

  2. Class act that kid of yours! And, I do love me some Clarence also. Great choice for me to listen to on a Sunday morning. Thanks!

  3. Tells me who knows who you are even if he hasn’t read what you’ve written. Would like to capture air from Abbey Road and keep it in a bottle. Recommended read: Temples of Sound by Jim Cogan and William Clark…wonderful book.

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