A welcome blast from the past

If you wonder where your guide has been lately, I’ve been playing outside.

Playing outside so much that I’ve had little time to listen to tunes. Time enough, really, to check the e-mail and get on with the day.

Today’s e-mail delivers the welcome news that AC/DC is streaming the first single off its new album. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Train” isn’t an instant classic, nor does it break any new ground, but it’ll fit in nicely alongside all those AC/DC tunes you already know.

Phil Rudd’s drumming drives the whole thing … like a locomotive, of course. And, yes, Angus Young can still play like no one else and Brian Johnson’s delightfully shredded voice remains.

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Train” is off the new album “Black Ice,” which will be released Oct. 20. If you don’t want to buy it from a certain retail giant with whom AC/DC has an exclusive distribution deal, you can order it from the band’s online store, too.

When it comes to AC/DC, I was late to the party. I didn’t start digging them until the early ’90s. However, I had a chance to see them live in Madison, Wisconsin, several years ago, and I was blown away. It went right to the short list of the best shows I’ve seen.

So go listen to the stream, then enjoy this. It’s a cut from the AC/DC album I found in my dad’s collection. That story is here:

“Shake A Leg,” AC/DC, from “Back in Black,” 1980.


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