The ABCs of DE, Vol. 6

Mention Dave Edmunds’ 1983 album “Information,” and that may bring to mind two things: Jeff Lynne, who wrote one song for it and produced two songs on it, and that synthesizers were used.

Dig deeper into the grooves on this album, though, and you’ll find some more traditional Dave Edmunds sounds. Dave covers tunes by NRBQ and Otis Blackwell.

He also covers this early tune from a Boston bar band that scored a record deal with its incendiary stage show, which featured sizzling originals and old R&B and blues tunes. Peter Wolf and Seth Justman wrote “Wait” for the J. Geils Band’s first album, way back in 1970. It was the first cut on that album.

“Wait,” Dave Edmunds, from “Information,” 1983. (The album link is to an import two-fer CD also featuring “D.E. 7th,” his 1982 album.)

All of this is a sneaky way of hepping you to the latest post over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker, where we’re serving up Side 1 of “Information.” This tune is the fourth cut on that side.



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5 responses to “The ABCs of DE, Vol. 6

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  3. He still rocks BIG TIME!

    I never knew he covered some NRBQ tunes.
    (The Q are my #1, all time, one and only, favorite bands) I’ll have to go track them down.

  4. Shark

    I remember “Information” from my days working at WNAM/Neenah-Menasha, Wisconsin in 1983. We were kind of an odd-ball Adult Contemporary/Top 40/Oldies/News & Sports AM radio station and we played the hit single “Slipping Away” from that album…a very “Jeff Lynne-esque” sounding song.

  5. “Information” was where I got off the Dave Edmunds train. I’d been a fan since “Get It”, but it wasn’t always easy to find his sides. Saw Rockpile open for Blondie at the Belmont Racetrack. Great show. Caught up with him as a solo acoustic performer a couple of years back at the Buffalo Guitar Festival. He was terrific, as you’d expect, but unlike Nick Lowe he seems to have stagnated a bit.

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