One good turn deserves another

It is getting to the end of the month, and I find myself asking the same question I asked last month: What album side am I going to post over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker?

And then today, our friend DJ Prestige over at Flea Market Funk serves up a vintage Tom Jones tune that rocks.

Hmmm. Tom Jones. Not a bad idea at all. I already have a Tom Jones side digimatized, as our friend Larry over at Funky 16 Corners says.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would … like to lighten things up a little bit for you … if possible .. and do a … a rhythm-and-blues number that goes … like this.”

Lighten things up a little bit? Hell, Tom blows ’em out of their seats with an incendiary cover of …

“Soul Man,” Tom Jones, from “Tom Jones Live at Caesars Palace Las Vegas,” 1971.

That’s Bobby Shew on the sizzling trumpet leads, Jim Sullivan on the chugging guitar leads and the Blossoms on the backing vocals.

If you dig it, head over to The Midnight Tracker for the rest of Side 1.

Speaking of soul and Tom Jones, he has a new record coming out — his first in the U.S. in 15 years. “24 Hours” is due out on Nov. 25 on S-Curve Records. It is reported to be full of retro soul.

“The fire is still in me,” he says. We’ve seen him live. We believe it.

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