What’s that sound? Clicker!

A year ago at this time, I wrote about how it was homecoming in the neighborhood, with toilet paper in the trees, and how I was going to an informal reunion with some of my high school classmates.

The music I included with that post was from a band familiar to those of us of a certain age from Wisconsin, yet seemingly known only in our part of the Midwest, and only for a short time in the ’70s. The band called Clicker.

Turns out, it’s almost the only thing about the band on the Web. Google the phrase “Clicker band” and that post is the first thing listed.

Every so often, someone discovers the post and e-mails me or leaves a new comment. Most often, they’re sharing fond memories of seeing Clicker or hearing Clicker and wishing they could hear that music again.

As I’ve answered these e-mails and comments, I’ve promised I’ll write more about Clicker. So we begin.

When Clicker recorded its first album in 1973, it was a five-piece group — bassist Steve Tracy, drummer Jerry “Cubby” Tracy, guitarists Bob Schmidtke and Dick Wiegel and singer Mark Everist. It later became a three-piece group.

I’ve been exchanging e-mails with Wiegel, who in turn has been in touch with the Tracy brothers. All three of them still live in southern Wisconsin — Clicker’s home base — and are delighted that Clicker is so fondly remembered.

These days, Wiegel plays in a group called the Midwesterners. Our friend Bill from Milwaukee caught up with him at a show last spring and brought along some old pictures of Clicker. Wiegel enjoyed their meeting and e-mailed Bill’s photos to Cubby Tracy, who responded:

“This old Clicker stuff is cool. It’s nice to know that we actually touched some people’s lives, and apparently in a ‘good’ kind of way.”

Clicker played all over Wisconsin in the ’70s. I saw them in Wausau. Richard saw them in Marshfield, at the Airway Bar. Dean saw them in Minocqua. Bill saw them in Madison, at the Shuffle Inn and the Stone Hearth. Amy saw them in Waupaca, at the Armory and at the Indian Crossing Casino. Dave says he saw them at Madison West High School.

See? All those e-mails and comments are already helping tell the story. There’s more to come, too.

For now, though, sit back and enjoy again a couple of the tunes from “Clicker.” The five guys wrote all eight tunes, recorded them at American Music in tiny Sauk City  and released the album on Hemisphere Records out of Madison. The album is an interesting mix of sounds — a little ’60s rock, a little ’70s folk, a little prog, a little classical — with three instrumentals.

We’ll let Mike pick tonight’s tunes as he shares his Clicker story:

“I used to go see them play live whenever I could back in the ’70s. Once Cubby Tracy even bummed a cigarette from me at a gig in Marshfield — I was all of 14 years old. … ‘Castle’ was a classic, but I liked the inspirational ‘Keep on Tryin’’ as well.”

“Castle” and “Keep On Tryin’,” Clicker, from “Clicker,” 1973. Out of print.

(Sorry about the album art. I can’t fit the album jacket into my scanner.)


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  1. Bill in Milwaukee

    I can whole-heartingly recommend Dick Weigel’s band, The Midwesterners. I caught up with Dick and the boys at the Atwood street festival earlier this summer. They can really rock and Dick can still brings the big guitar sound.

    If you listen to NPR’s Car Talk program, you might even hear some of thier music, which has been featured on the show in the past.

    *Bill in Milwaukee

  2. Amy from Waupaca

    I remember that album! I still have a Clicker button in the bottom of my jewelry box with the same graphics on it.

  3. Richard from Huntsville

    Castle and Keep on Tryin were great songs. I also remember their version of Without You by Nilsson being amazing.

  4. Jim from Green Bay

    I remember seeing Clicker at UWGB in the mid-70’s.
    They were a 3 piece and into the glam rock sound.
    Very Ziggy. They put on a really good show. I just dug thru my collection and found 3 different posters of Clicker, if anyone is interested let’s get in touch.
    Thanks for the interesting posting.

  5. jb

    There’s clearly a story to be written about the recording industry in Sauk City, Wisconsin. The famous polka label Cuca Records was based there, I believe.

  6. Shark

    Yes! Yes!Yes! Clicker in the mid-70s! I saw them play at places like The Amory in Platteville, Club 18 in Mount Horeb, the Youth & Ag Building in Lancaster, and Southwest Tech in Fennimore. They played at our high school in Darlington, plus Belmont and Shullsburg. They also played at the Lafayette County Fair in Darlington in July 1976. Along with their own original stuff, they did great cover versions of “Change of the Guard” by Steely Dan, “All Right Now” by Free, “People Gotta Move” by Gino Vanelli, “Beware My Love” and “Time to Hide” by Paul McCartney & Wings. They even did the “Star Wars Theme” by Meco. They usually opened with “Tightrope” by ELO. It was because of Clicker that I grew to like those songs. Dick Wiegel was a family friend who grew up just a few blocks from me in Darlington, so Clicker was enormously popular in Southwest Wisconsin. If you want to hear a real jam, listen to Du’Monde’s Back Room which is 15 minutes long.

  7. Shark

    I just want to add some other great memories of Clicker for those of you who remember them. They had a black backboard behind drummer Cubby Tracy with neon lighting that flashed “Clicker” with the same design as on the album cover that Jeff scanned. That was later changed to “The Tracy Brothers Band” when Clicker underwent a name change. I think they changed it back to Clicker soon afterward. They also added a lead singer to the band who usually didn’t play an instrument, but I can’t recall his name. Does anybody remember him? Other great songs they covered included:
    “Pretzel Logic” by Steely Dan
    “Hi Hi Hi” by McCartney & Wings
    “Venus & Mars Rock Show” by McCartney & Wings
    “Run Run Run” by Jo Jo Gunne
    Lady Madonna” by the Beatles, and…
    They would re-configure the band by moving Dick Wiegel to drums, and move an electric piano out front. Cubby Tracy would play the electric piano and Ron Page would play keyboard with Steve Tracy on bass guitar and the new lead singer on percussion and play “I am the Walrus.” They were the only band I’ve ever known that could cover that song…and they did a very good version of it.

  8. Bill in Milwaukee

    I remember the big neon sign. Pretty cool stuff for a bar band.

    Clicker also used big theater spot lights and flash-pots in front of the stage. Made the mistake one night of standing right in front of one when it went off. I’m pretty sure it explains some of the spots I see floating around to this day. 🙂

    I also remember they used a big rack of boot-strapped Phase Linear 400 amps for the low end and another rack of Crown D-75’s for the high freq’s. The PA bottoms were stacks of dual 15″ drivers, four cabinets on a side. The top end drivers used those big rotating horn diffusers on top (can you tell I was into the techy stuff?). Clicker was easily the loudest bar band in the area.

    I can’t remember the lead singers name, but I do remember seeing him play with the band a few times towards the end of their run. I do recall Steve’s voice was just shredded from too many shows in a row and they needed the vocal help. The new guy added another element to the band because of his range and it allowed them to do songs they probably couldn’t do otherwise. He used to do the robot dance during the Star Wars theme with a plastic face mask on. Strange stuff.

    I remember when they changed the neon sign too. I even have pictures of it. I can’t recall the exact reason for the name change. I think it had something to do with management conflict. Must have been expensive to switch the sign, but it was a signature part of their shows.

    Ah, Du Monde’s Back Room. What a great instumental. I’d swear the thing played live was half an hour long. There was this great lead-in story to go with it about a visit to a house of ill repute. Part of it is captured on the first album. The story seemed to get more involved with every telling. It featured a great guitar solo by Dick Weigel and a pounding drum beat by Cubby. I can remember hearing it played on WIBA-FM a couple of times back in the day.

    Another feature of a Clicker show was the Mickey Mouse theme that ended their shows. It would start at normal speed, but picked up pace with every chorus. The encore usually ended with Toto Comes Home, another great instrumental on the Har De Har Har Har album.


  9. Bob old light man

    Greg Clemons was the lead singer

  10. stu

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this band. Two lovely songs…some of the best music ever is by bands out of the spotlight, where they can do whatever the heck they want. Sounds like Clicker were much loved.

  11. I can not believe I found people who knew “Clicker”! On a snowey winter night years and years ago I decided to brave the weather and see where everybody hung out west of where I lived in Dodge County, ( Crazy…yes, but hey it was a sign of the times).. I found a little run down bowling Ally in Fall River called “The Resort”, just outside of Columbus and it was Rock’in with Clicker! The flashing neon sign, the outfits, the music…what a night! I met a woman, made friends, danced all night and Rocked through the storm and still got home by sun up! I followed the band for while when they were in the area and…sadly…then they were gone. ago. Is there any way to get a cd or cassette of their album? Does anybody have it where it can be obtained? The “Clicker” version of the music they played was better than the original artists. Wow! Clicker…I never forgot them! JR

  12. Shawn

    I liked Clicker a lot. I remember them being pretty slick for a local band. We used to see them at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL. I still have one of their eight-track tapes. I should transfer that to my iPod.

  13. grosenberg

    i saw CLicker in East Lansing, Mi.
    they were the best bar band ever, altho they would blanch at that distinction.
    LaS Vegas Bob Schmidtke was too great, too funny, too cool, he was ridiculous.

  14. metaforehead

    They also played “Couldn’t I just tell you” by Todd Rundgren, and All my lovin, in which Bob wrote a surprising new solo in the exact style as the original.

    The drummer flicked his cigarette out over the silent dance floor, and as it hit the floor, the lights came on and the band slammed into “Life on other planets shuffle”. Great show biz.
    Between sets, When i went to the side of the stage to say Hi to Bob, he looked up, sneered, and asked, “What do you want to know– what kind of picks I use?”
    Too funny.
    Later I saw him in the re-constituted Tayles, and they were miserable. Too bad. What became of Bob?

  15. pat mccoy

    I did sound for them for a number of years. Truly great guys. Very talented and very humble. I agree that they were the only band I have EVER heard do a great version of “I am the Walrus”. I have all of the scoop on the name change and how badly they were screwed by their new manager that lead to it. They worked harder than any band I have worked with before or since. I think after they reformed with keys and etc. the one nighters (almost every night) got to them and they went with a bad dude (name withheld because he lives to sue) whom they trusted (they were a little too trusting). I still have nothing but respect for Cubby and Steve and all of them. Their brother did lights and lighting setup, I did sound and PA set up (by the way the PA was 1 earthquake 18 per side, although in the early days of subs sometimes they were in the corner of the room somewhere, 2 18 front load boxes, 2 15 JBL cabs and those really cool Electro-Voice mid-sized white horns that looked like civil defense horns with lips) and a guy named Kim did spotlight and stage setup. We called dick “Beau” back then. We went down to my old studio in Baton Rouge called “deep south” to do some recording. It went well but when it went to print there was no “mastering” done so it really didn’t transfer well to record. I remember when we got the 45’s back and listened to it in Cubbys basement I said “sorry that sounds like crap” and Cubby said “don’t worry man, I remember what it really sounded like and it was great they just screwed up the pressing” …that’s the kind of guys they were. Greg CLEMENS (supposed relative to Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain) was the singer they got as a front man. He was very talented but his association with the above mentioned “manager” put him in a bad light. Well the past is 20-20….

  16. Vicki, Sheryl, Mark, Barb, Vicki

    Ahhh “Clicker” dances in Fennimore. The highlight of my my families teen years! So much fun to go and dance! Many of my first crushes happened at those dances. Hey guys if your out there I know about 200 fans that would love to see you play!

    • Tom Stecklein

      1974 – 1975 Fennimore WI they had “dances on Friday nights. But when Clicker came it turned into a concert. We found where the folding chairs were stored and enjoyed the show. Man that was a long time ago, but, great memories.

    • Christi France Day

      Hey you forgot me Vicki remember , Christi France, we lived for Clicker to play in Fennimore of Lancaster or Plattville. I still recall the fun nights dancing, and the people you got to meet from all over the county. I recall having many a good time at Clicker Dances….and some I don’t recall….but I am sure they were good..

  17. Mike

    Woke up in the middle of the night the other night remembering music from my high school days in Appleton. You are correct, multiple searches brought me to your blog. Thanks for providing answers and assisting my aging memory.

    I think I lost my Clicker record somewhere over the years–probably cleaning in a failed attempt to please my ex-wife. Having the downloads taking me right back to listening to that record over and over.


  18. Wow. I was just quizzing co-workers on whether or not they ever heard of Clicker, they looked at me like I was nuts. Thanks for reminding me I’m not.
    I was 14 when I saw the band at the armory in Platteville where I grew up then again in Fennimore and I’m sure numerous other locations I can’t recall.
    What a flashback.

  19. Conrad

    I dug out the Hardy har har har album tonight and played both sides. We listened to Clicker at the “Shindig” in Mosinee many times. I googled them tonight and found this site. I hope someday they have a reunion!

    • I did too as a young teen- they were awesome when awesome meant something. I was lucky enough to meet the Tracey brothers and see and experience their “music room”.I saw them in Mosinee on the crooked floors of the old Shindig and later in Pelican Lake I think.
      Like I said……. Awesome!

  20. T

    My dad is good friends with Cubby, they go way back. When I was in middle school, oh say early 90’s Cubby and my dad played a few gigs together-one in particular was so funny because right before they started they wheeled Cubby out in a wheel chair, they made him look old and decrepit, he sat at his drums and then burst in to the first set like a wild man.

  21. Ron

    I remember playing Hardy Har Har for one of Clive Davis’s producers (head of CBS-Coumbia at the time) and he said “find out how to get a hold of them. (Around 1978-79) I talked to their father on the phone, nice guy, he said he used to work for Gene Autry I believe. I gave the producers number to him and he must have gave it to the Tracy boys because this manager guy called and was so obnoxious they could not believe it.
    Clicker was a GREAT band and until then I could not understand why they did not make it big. I found out.
    They were true rock entertainers and were great live…it was a show, and their brother Jeff Tracy made it happen, a true show producer and lighting and effects artist. They played a lot of original songs that they never put out that was better than Hardy Har Har …
    I wish they would re-master all their stuff and put it out…I would buy it!

  22. Bob Karau

    I really enjoyed the music of Clicker and had purchased the black album . Somewhere along the line, it got lost or someone else took it. I love Keep on Trying, but the song that I remember most has the refrain (possible paraphrase):
    “Pick yourself up child and pull your self together.
    If nothing was bad, then nothing could get better.” I wish I could get an mp3 or CD with that on it. It was a great song and I have shared that refrain with people who are going through some hard times. I played in a number of miswestern bands in later years and really thought there was a lot of great music produced by Circus, Clicker, Tongue, Tennessee Tailspin, Soup and others. I just got some songs that Doug Yankus of Soup used to do and my son, who is a pretty solid musician, really likes them. Those were good times.

  23. Big R

    Clicker played at our High School and in the gym at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL circa ’74 & ‘75. They did a mean version of Tobacco Road – Good times and great memories.

  24. I was a big fan. My friend Robin and I found them everywhere. I had a huge crush on “Memphis Johnny” I believe his real name was Mike Briggs. Wonder where he is now. After they became “Tracy Brothers, I did their promo poster. I wore a wet white T shirt. Steve threw the bucket of water on my. I had on my favorite star necklace and my well manicured nails rested on my hips. That was lots of fun. I lived in Stevens Point, WI. They played in the area alot. Robin and I would go pound their flyers all over the telephone poles all over town. Whenever our boyfriend would see the flyers…they would rip em’ down(They were so jealous) Alot of great times
    with them, especially at intermissions.Will never forget them. They played alot of good music, their’s and lots of other music.(Bad finger, Beatles, Nilsen, J Giles Band, so many more) Mark had a girlfriensd named “Pam” that he brought with him to some of their gigs. Robin and I would go shopping down in Madison at “Merry-Go-Round and buy the sexy clothes and high platform shoes….and them the next time we saw them….we would be all decked out like Mark’s girlfriend. Lot’s of great memories. Will never forget them!
    Lori from Stevens Point!

    • Pamela (Hoag) Jahn

      That is so hilarious, great story… Mike Briggs is still a musician working in Nashville (I believe). I was forever having to fend off you girls on the road. It’s funny that you mention Merry-Go-Round. I actually worked there for a while and always bought clothes there. Too funny. I am living in Madison again. Mark is in IL. I really miss those days… “Pam”

    • Julie Baier

      I remember shopping @ “Merry-Go-Round!” Super cute stuff!

  25. Jim

    I remember Clicker from the early 70’s, They caught them at Platteville Armory and at Cuba City armory (I beleive it was the armory at CC) I remember the neon sign, Memphis Johnny did a “slide gutiar” with the glass tube over his finger. Cubby did a great drum solo, I beleive it was “toto comes home” if I remember it correctly, but I do remember Clicker and when they came to the area you did not miss the show.

  26. Gary

    Some of the places I saw the Bowery Boys/Baby Grand/Clicker in the 70’s include: Club 18 ( Blue Mounds), River’s Edge (Muscoda), Shuffle Inn (Madison), Platteville Armory (Platteville), Lancaster Youth & Ag Building (Lancaster), Fennimore Memorial Building (Fennimore), Richland Center Community Center (Richland Center), and Dodgeville Middle School (Dodgeville). Wherever they played, they attracted a wide age-range of people that followed them. They did great cover songs and well as their own original tunes. Their singles and LP’s were usually on sale at their shows. I truly wish Steve & Cubby would consider releasing all of their recorded material with Bowery Boys/Baby Grand/Clicker. Other bands from that era (Tongue, Yancy Derringer, Tayles, Circus, Soup, etc.) have all had their albums released on small private labels in the U.S. Clicker is noticeably absent from this list. What a welcome site it would be to find Clicker added to this list!!

    • Julie Baier

      Whoa, I forgot about the whole Baby Grand phase. This is a walk down memory lane! Grew up in Lena, IL, but mostly saw the band in Warren, IL.

  27. Jimmy

    I first saw them when I was 18 at Garys Bar between Merrill and Tomahawk. Remember when 18 year olds could drink? They played there a few times and also saw them at the Wausau Labor Temple. In those days they were kind of like our Beatles, great talent, professional with a positive vibe.

    Thank you Clicker

    “The intro to Castle is Invention No. 15 in B minor by J. S. Bach”

  28. gale barchus

    I enjoyed reminiscing about those days. Thanks! I played music in Madison at the time with groups like Ziggy and the Zeu and Daddy Whiskers (Steven Point) and another group that became Punch after I left. I did quite a few gigs together with the Bowery Boys, Baby Grand and Clicker over the years.


  29. Rod Wilson

    Saw Clicker in 1974 and 1975 in Champaign while attending Univ of Illinois. (about the same time that Cheap Trick started showing up at the Red Lion in Urbana) Still have a copy of Har De Har Har album in good condition and had a copy of Clicker but lost it. (found both at a couple garage sales in NE Wisconsin) Should transfer it to CD before it’s gone. Remember them playing at Chances R (converted multi-level warehouse) on an elevated corner stage that barely fit the band and equipment. Made the platform shoes seem even more ridiculous! Favorite memory was them playing the entire side 2 medley from Beatles Abbey Road (and very competently!)

  30. J. Rousey

    Yes, I rember very well, the band Clicker. I watched them perform several times at the Silver Dome Ballroom in Neillsville, WI back in the 70’s. They were GREAT! Their song, Keep on trying, still sticks in my mind to this day. Wish I could find a CD with their songs on it.

  31. Gary

    The first Clicker album (black album on Hemisphere Records from 1973) is currently available for $15.00 on the Cuca Records website. I just purchased and received my copy in the mail and “Keep On Trying” never sounded so good! Check it out!!!

  32. Clicker/Tracy Brothers Band/ Bowery Boys were an era of their own one which we all remember fondly. Rock On!!!

  33. John

    Saw Clicker numerous times in Macomb, IL at a place called Gaffers in 1974 and 1975.

    Great band!

    • Wayne

      Also saw them at Gaffers while attending Western Illinois. They did an excellent cover of Stairway to Heaven. Great memories.

  34. madcitynative

    I lived in Sauk City/Prairie du Sac from 1964-1974.. I remember when Cuca records had a recording studio. I’m not sure where they are now, perhaps just a web presence.

  35. steven

    Im proud to say a few band members rented the house from my parents on Lakeside Street here in Madison, WI They made me feel special when I was over there helping my parents out! i was just 10 years old!! I was just amazed at all the band stuff they had over there!!
    I STILL have that very record they gave me! TN TAILSPIN STILL ROCKS! As i play it in my head!

    Is it true a band member owns/works somewhere (i will not say where!) over on University Dr near taco bell heading to Middleton?

    • Greg

      But do you mean the ALBUM cut of Tennessee Tailspin or the SINGLE cut that was released before the album. IMHO the single (which is a different version) was a lot hotter. I still have the album but I would love to get hold of the single again. Anyone have a useable copy that I could get an MP3 off opf?

    • Hi Steven, funny story. I lived in that house and later lived on Edgewater Ct, just across John Nolen (gone now), and have been living on Lakeside St. now for 10 years. A lot of music got done in that house, in fact, we demoed the ‘Clicker’ album there and I’m trying to recover that now. I’ll try and let you know.

  36. Tim

    Early 70’s were a great time in the tri states…Bowery Boys, Clicker, Illinois Speed Press, Tayles, Tongue, Capt Billy’s Whiz Band, Lime Fire, Apple Corps, Fuse. Anyone know what became of Mark Amundsen, singer for the Bowery Boys and later for “I Think” Rocket 88 with Bruce Bossert.

  37. Tim

    Meant Jeff Amundson

  38. Greg

    Fuse ROCKED – I just dug out that old album and listened to it and the single that got them signed to Epic – “Cruisin’ For Burgers and the classic Hound Dog” Rockford’s finest hour

  39. Kris

    I still remember some of the lyrics ” you can’t just a daughter by looking at the mother and you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover.”, “I’m looking at a bottle of the bottom of the ocean…it’s probly got a note in but nobody cares “something about everyone being upstairs. In high school I actually stole by brothers car and drove from Greenwood to Mosinee to see them and then had to get home before anyone noticed. Clicker what great memories.

  40. First introduced to the Bowery Boys by my late friend Bob Geach from Warren IL. Followed them everywhere while in high school. Cubby was inspirational in my drum style and equipment set up. I loved those deep toms and high cymbals. Went on to play from 1968 to 1995 with many northern IL bands including former members of the Road Runners, Damian, the Mason Bros Band, Kix and Flashback. I actually booked Clicker in 1972 for a battle of the bands with Freeports The Porters for my senior dance. Kenny Heim sang with them for a while. Last time I saw the boys we were both playing in Lake Geneva in the mid 70’s. It was great to find this link and listen to their music again. I own a large hotel company now and we play Keep on Tryin as an inspirational message at our quartery meetings. Thanks for the memories! D Swift

  41. Bill in Milwaukee

    Does anyone remember a song Clicker used to do called “Ain’t No Cure For You?” (I think that was the title).

    I’m not sure if it was cover, or a Clicker orginal. Sure would love to get a copy of that. It’s been floating around my head for 30 years now.

    I believe some of the lyrics included:
    “You don’t have to do things by the book,
    You don’t have to take a second look,
    You don’t have to do things on a whim,
    You don’t ahve to sink, you swim.”

    What a great tune, faboulus hooks.

    Anybody have a clue????

    -Bill in Milwaukee

  42. Julie Baier

    I first saw these guys as the “Bowery Boys” in northern Illinois. So happy to find this appreciation of them. One of my friends posted about Spirit on Facebook yesterday, and I remembered how the Bowery Boys covered “Nature’s Way.” I had the Clicker LP, and it’s still in my parents’ basement. Great guys, great fun, and great music!

  43. sydney


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  45. Gary in Richland Center

    Wasn’t it just Cubby & Steve playing the recorders as a duet (in harmony) at the begining of “Stairway To Heaven?” (Memphis Johnny would play the guitar intro and the Tracy’s would join in on their recorders.) They did this song perfectly–note for note.

  46. Todd Werndli

    In 1973-74 I was in third grade when our friends across the street moved their family to Florida. I was crushed but the new family turned out to be really fun – it was Cubby and his family. I became good friends with Cubby’s son until we moved away when I was in 5th grade. I remember going in the basement and looking in awe at the studio set-up. Cubby had an early Honda 750-“Four” motorcycle and I remember my dad explaining what it was and how bad-ass it was. I still have a copy of Hardy Har Har that Cubby gave us after recording it. It’s warped but still plays…..

  47. I was also at the Clicker show in July 1976 at the LaFayette County Fair. I didn’t see them again until May 7, 1977 when they played Shullsburg HS, from which I graduated three weeks later, and that was the first time I saw their new lead singer, Gregg Clemons. And it was 35 years ago on Nov. 25th that Clicker played their last Wisconsin show at Club 18 in Mt. Horeb. Between May ’77 and November ’78 I saw them thirty-two times. I have a copy of “Harde-har-har-har” that I bought at the ’76 Fair and eventually got it signed by the guys – Steve & Cubby Tracy, Bo Wiegel, Ron Page, Gregg Clemons and their roadies Sid Grimelschausen and Bob Sipple. I still have it and the Black/Gold “Clicker” disc from ’73 and a rare promotion copy of Gregg Clemons ’80 solo disc.

    I was studying broadcasting at UW-Platteville, and had to do a radio documentary for a class. Gregg Clemons had added many new original songs to their late 70’s set lists… “Wild Women”, “I’m a Mover”, ‘It Happened in My Life”. I asked if I could do my documentary on their lives playing gigs and use some of their songs in the production. Gregg Clemons was the one who said yes and helped me work it out with their manager at the time.

    I now live in Wausau, had lived in Marshfield in the 80’s and am originally from Decatur, IL so it was interesting reading other peoples comments throughout the mid-west of their memories of different incarnations of Clicker. Whenever I’ve mentioned this band to friends who have lived in central WI all their lives nobody recalled Clicker, so I thought maybe they never played this far north. I guess I just haven’t met the right people who remember “Du Monde’s Back Room” and “Tennesee Tailspin”. I had taken many photos of the band at various shows with my tiny Instamatic camera, but at that last show at Mt. Horeb (which I knew in advance it was to be the last) I had brought my Dad’s 1960 Nikon F and got some great shots. The entire band asked to see them once I had them printed, but it took me until spring break of ’79 before I got into my Dad’s darkroom and by that time I’d lost touch with all except Gregg Clemons, who was in Los Angeles working on getting distribution for that solo record with CBS Records.

    They were a great group of guys and excellent performers. And one of my most fond memories was 11/25/78 before the show at Club 18 Gregg and I were having tea by the fireplace in the supper club portion of Club 18 and Bo came and joined us. He and Ron were always the quiet ones, but that night I saw his wit in action. It would be fabulous if one day there really was a Clicker Reunion. Sure it would be amazing if they played again, but even if it was just a party for the guys to express appreciation for all those tuneful memories, that would be great. Thank you for the post that got this all started, and I’m only sorry it took me five years to find it. But in seems serendipitous to find it now after I recently scanned all my photos from 35 years ago and started thinking of that last show.

    • Bill Schlafer

      Sure would love to see those shots of the band!

      I took some photos too of Clicker at various shows in the mid 70’s. All I have left are a few hard copies, the negatives have turned to dust. I ran into Richard (Bo) Wiegel a couple years ago and gave him a copy of one of the shots I took of him striking a pose with his Fender. He signed another one I had and it’s framed in my den.

      I was lucky to see Clicker play a number of really epic shows back in the day. A reunion would be a really cool thing to see. I know Richard still actively plays in the Madison area.

      • Bill, I have been scanning my hard copies from an old photo album to get these saved digitally. The shots taken with the Nikon needed very little clean-up done to them, but I’m still working my way through cleaning up the others. And I’ll try to get them out there for others to see eventually. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Bob Sipple

      Did not think anyone remembered me from back then!
      Bob Sipple

  48. I LOVE Clicker. My brother took me to the Appleton YMCA to see them on my 13th birthday. (he was a booking agent for GVZ Talent, at the time)
    Got backstage and had a most memorable talk with Steve. I was awestruck!
    He was so…tall, and he had such a low voice! Cubby and Memphis Johnny came to by say hello, and someone handed me a copy of Harde Har Har Har. I still have it. Wish I would’ve gotten it signed!

  49. Bill Schlafer


    Dick (Bo) Wiegals band, The Midwesterners, will be playing at Wisconsin Brewery in Verona on July 11th.


  50. I was a teeny bopper of 11 when I had the “Bottle” single, which I think was a B-side? I loved that song and have always wanted to hear it again. Right now listening to “DuMonde’s Back Room” online and loving that. If you are reading this and can help me find “Bottle” please reply!

    Thanks, Clicker, for your superb sound, musicianship, talent.

    • Bill Schlafer

      Somewhere, I have that 45. Might be the b-side to Tennessee Tailspin, not sure.

      Great, great song. Really showed the bands vocal harmony and sense of humor. I remember hearing it on my car radio driving around Madison, and trying to figure out how to sneak into the bars to see them play.

      DuMonde’s Back Room still holds up well today. I love Steve’s frenetic bass lines, Cubby machine gun drumming and Dick’s wailing guitar building to that incredible finish. You didn’t see too many bands back then that would even attempt to play a song that complex, or that long. I swear some of the live versions lasted 10 minutes or more.


  51. Bill Schlafer

    Hey kids. Let’s go back to 1978 with a video, shot on 8mm film, of Clicker at the Shuffle Inn in Madison!

    Dick Wiegel posted this on his Midwesterners website earlier this year, but somehow I only noticed it until today. Hopefully more Clicker videos will surface.

    Stay tuned.


    • marcea0k

      I was at that show. And remember well this Gregg Clemon’s original that he told me was written with Jim Morrison in mind because they had the same birth date (different years). Hence the reference to the ‘Lizard Boy’, which I had mistaken for ‘little boy’. .

  52. Gordon from Merrill

    Thanks for the page! I used to hear these guys in Merrill and Wausau.

  53. mike podolak

    So….does anybody got this digitized yet…links for a download?

  54. Clicker was a popular band in the early to mid 70s at Western Illinois University (Macomb IL). They played at Gaffers (later Chances R), which was a popular college dance/pickup bar just west of the square in downtown Macomb, and the place was packed whenever they played.

  55. Pingback: Vinyl Friday #10: Clicker | American of London

  56. Besides all of Clickers great original tunes, they always peppered their live sets with terrific cover tunes. From memory, I recall them playing Jo Jo Gunne – Run Run Run; Bryan Ferry – The In Crowd; Steely Dan – My Old School; Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road. And of course, Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, and movie themes like the Pink Panther and Star Wars.

    Anyone recall other songs Clicker covered?

    -Bill (in Milwaukee)

    • Hey Bill, always fun to read your posts about Clicker. I’ll bet I’ve got lots of old song lists from those days, I’ll post them sometime. And I’m always looking for photos of the band. I’m making videos using pics and a recording from the same era, going back with Steve and Cub to 1970. here’s are samples of other bands I was in and videos I’ve done:

      your pics might surface on a Clicker video
      someday. take care.

      • Hey Richard!

        Man, I sure wish I had printed some more of those old photos before the negatives disintegrated. I probably had hundreds of shots from Clicker shows around Wisconsin. I also should’ve saved some of band posters I stole off venue walls back then.

        Somewhere in storage, I have an old cassette tape of part of a live show the band did over the radio on WIBA. It was recorded at Full Compass Sound I believe, probably 1976 or 1977. If I can find a working tape deck, and if the tape is still viable, I’ll see if I can get that digitized somehow.


      • Hey Bill, we have recently digitized that radio show, and other early recordings too. We’re just trying to figure out the best way to post them. I’ll let you know.

  57. Outstanding! Thanks Richard.


    • marcea0k

      Bill, I kept a list of almost every song I heard them play from May 1977 to their last performance at Club 18 in Mount Horeb, 11/25/1978 – 33 shows in all. Here is what I was able to retrieve in no logical or particular order:

      Wings ‘Time to Hide’, ‘Beware My Love’, & ‘Hi, Hi, Hi’ & Wings Medley of ‘Venus & Mars/Rock Show/Jet’
      Van Morrison’s ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ & ‘Wild Nights’
      The Kinks ‘Sleepwalker’
      Fontella Bass ‘Rescue Me’
      Ramsey Lewis ‘In Crowd’
      Spencer Davis Group ‘Gimmie Some Lovin’
      Bond song ‘Goldfinger’
      The Eagles ‘Hotel California’
      Kansas’ ‘Carry On Wayward Son’,
      ELO’s ‘Boy Blue’ & ‘Tightrope’
      Harry Nilsson’s ‘Down’
      Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’
      Warren Zevon’s “Lawyers, Guns and Money’ & ‘When Johnny Strikes up the Band
      Gino Vanelli’s ‘People Gotta Move’
      Ringo Starr’s ‘Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley’
      Little Richard’s ‘Lucille’
      Rolling Stones ‘Under My Thumb’
      Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’
      Beatles ‘I Am the Walrus’
      Steve Miller’s ‘Rock’n Me’

      There were many original Clicker songs too, and probably many more covers, but these are the ones I had noted.

      • Great list!

        The performances with the Wings and Beatles songs are starting to come back to me. Clicker did a great job with those. I seem to remember at one show Cubby putting his drum sticks in his mouth to look like a Walrus (during “I Am The Walrus.” Lots of yucks.

        And the boys covered Warren Zevon? I sure wish I could’ve seen/heard that. One of my favorite all-time artists. RIP Excitable Boy.


  58. Parker Drew

    Summer of ’70 or ’71…Baby Grand (pre-Clicker) released a 45 with “Nature’s Way and “Twelve Bars of Blues”. I must have pumped twenty bucks into the juke in Dodgeville where I was attending a summer music school. LOVE THAT RECORD. Saw them at some roadside bar that summer. (Yeah. I was underage.)

  59. MAN……Saw them every time they played at the Country Aire in Appleton, Wisconsin… Still have the Hardy harr harr album! Toto comes home was AWESOME LIVE!!!

  60. Wayne Orland Park IL

    I remember seeing them play at a place called Gaffers in Macomb IL while attending Western Illinois University in the 70’s and they were one of the better bands to play there. They played Stairway to Heaven better than anyone I’ve ever heard.

  61. Here’s great article from Madison Magazine about Richard Wiegel, guitarist for Clicker and long time Madison musician:



  62. Christian Roovers

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the Clicker (1973) album?

    Cuca Records doesn’t seem to have it anymore.

    My parents remember dancing to Clicker in Appleton, Wisconsin at a YMCA dance and I’d love to get them a copy.

    Thank you!

  63. William Schlafer

    You’ll find expensive copies on eBay every now and then:

    But you might do better to visit vintage/used record stores around the upper midwest. If they don’t have it, they might know someone who does. I seem to recall there was someplace on the internet where you could download digital copies of some of all of the album. I can’t seem to find it now though.

    It’s worth picking up a copy just for Du Mondes Back Room. An epic 16 minute jam from the band’s early years. I used to have a live version on cassette, but sadly it has turned to dust.

    Good luck.


  64. William Schlafer

    Oh, and be advised, there’s a Florida based band out there calling itself Clicker. They may come up more often than our Clicker in internet searches.


  65. JR

    Is this the same Clicker that played New Munich Ballroom (Late ’70’s early 80’s)? Blinding final note with the strobes and flash pots?

  66. William Schlafer

    Was digging around my closet last night and ran across the rare Clicker 45 of Tennessee Tailspin and So Sharp on the b-side.


    I picked this up at one of their shows right after it came out in 1974. Pretty classy packaging with a neat fold over full cover sleeve with pictures of the band on the front.

    Adding to the cool factor of this band was that they had their own record label by this point, and later put out Har De Har Har Har on Clicker Records.


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