The ABCs of DE, Vol. 7

The definitive Dave Edmunds album, at least as far as I’m concerned, is “Repeat When Necessary” from 1979.

Its mix of British New Wave covers (Elvis Costello and Graham Parker tunes) and more traditional rock/pop/country covers (Cliff Richard, Evie Sands and Brinsley Schwarz tunes) was — and is — wonderful. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times since buying it almost 30 years ago.

Which might explain the problem I encountered when it came to rip my vintage vinyl into the Mac. Skip. Skip. Skip.

A while back, I picked up a nice-looking copy of “Repeat When Necessary.” I dropped the needle, and … Skip. Skip. Skip.

Shortly thereafter, I picked up still another copy, this time from the dollar bin at Amazing Records, our local used vinyl shop. This copy of “Repeat When Necessary” looked rough. The vinyl was warped. The inner sleeve was taped together. Though it looked like the needle was surfing the waves, it played and ripped beautifully. Go figure.

“Repeat When Necessary” is essentially a Rockpile album, with Dave backed by Nick Lowe on bass, Billy Bremner on guitar and Terry Williams on drums.

This album has, for me, the definitive Dave Edmunds track. It’s this cover of an Elvis Costello tune. You know the one.

“Girls Talk,” Dave Edmunds, from “Repeat When Necessary,” 1979.

“Girls Talk” was a huge hit in the UK, reaching No. 4 in the charts. It didn’t do as well in America, reaching only No. 65. Even so, it reintroduced Edmunds to the States, where he hadn’t charted since the beginning of the ’70s. Combined with MTV exposure in the early ’80s, it launched Edmunds on a run that lasted a good five or six years.

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  1. My copy had multiple skips – one on each side. The replacement copy is still perfect. However I still haven’t the heart to throw away the first even after all this time has gone by.

    I’m sick and need help.

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