Comfortably numbed

My friend Jim was selling some more dollar records this weekend. He had the tent out in its usual place in the back yard of his tiny duplex. Turns out he had nine new boxes of records. “Got a bunch from Illinois,” he said.

The weather is turning in our corner of Wisconsin. Our days for outdoor crate digging are growing increasingly few.

Though it was late Saturday morning by the time I got to Jim’s back yard, the temperature hadn’t made it past 50. Under the tent, out of the sunlight, with a brisk wind, it was a bit nippy. Not a problem, really, except that my fingers are increasingly sensitive to cold as I get older. They were getting sore by the eighth and ninth boxes.

But one of those dollar records warmed me right up.

I’d not been aware that Dionne Warwick had done an album of soul, R&B and Beatles covers. But there it was — “Soulful,” on the Scepter Records label. Warwick recorded it in Memphis in 1969, co-producing it with the great Chips Moman.

Now if I’d been paying attention, I’d have remembered “Soulful.”

My friend Larry included a couple of the Beatles covers from this album on his Funky 16 Corners Radio v.54 podcast back in July, and there they are, sitting in my iTunes. Larry described “Soulful” as being “filled with a grip of excellent soul covers.” You are correct, sir!

Enjoy a couple of those covers, but be aware that they come with a few pops and crackles. I find that part of the charm of old records.

“Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” and “People Got To Be Free,” Dionne Warwick, from “Soulful,” 1969.

The first cut is a passionate cover of the Aretha Franklin tune written by Moman and Dan Penn. The second cut is a cover of the Rascals tune, given a joyous, upbeat, almost gospel-like rendering.

(The album link is to a 2004 CD release with all 12 cuts from “Soulful” plus 11 more.)

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