Innocence further lost

There comes a day when dads get suspicious about everything their 13-year-old sons are doing. And why not? They once were 13, too.

That day, foreshadowed for some time now, arrived yesterday.

Our 13-year-old is grounded, his computer privileges revoked. He was busted for the digital equivalent of what used to be getting caught with Playboy. He wasn’t reading any articles, that’s for sure.

Some day, of course, I’ll fess up to Evan that I was just 11 when I discovered Playboy. But I never got busted, pal. At least I was smart enough to read Playboy at my friend Marvin’s house. I wasn’t reading any articles, either.

It was 1969, and even Playboy was a bit more innocent then. I never quite got why secretaries were sitting around naked, but they were naked, and there you have it.

We moved that summer, and I saw Marvin only a couple of times after that. If memory serves, Marvin started hanging with a church youth group, and it didn’t seem right to bring up the Playboys.

A couple of years ago, I found out Marvin was living across town. I thought about giving him a call, but I didn’t. It’s hard enough to call out of the blue after 30-some years. Then to call and bring up the Playboys?

Nah. I’m not explaining it.


“The Devil Made Me Do It,” Percy Mayfield, from “Blues … And Then Some,” 1971. It’s out of print.

I wrote about this album last year. Guess what got my attention?



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3 responses to “Innocence further lost

  1. thisistomorrow74

    naughty boys…

  2. I got my first peek at the magazine with the rabbit when I was about eleven. The first time I ever actually read anything in the magazine was during a two-week stay at Bible Camp when I was 14; one of the guys had gone home for a couple of days and then came back, bringing a stash. We had a couple of very mellow college dudes as counselors!

  3. Dan

    Hey, that Percy Mayfield RCA stuff from the early 70s is all pretty solid. Hard to argue with that LP cover either – although in Percy’s case, sex didn’t sell.

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