Wisconsin’s wild women

This weekend, Wisconsin’s men will carry their guns into its remote woods and set up deer camp.

There will be much drinking, many smokes, many tall tales and, occasionally, a little hunting.

My friend Jez has gone to his deer camp in Crooked Lake, Wisconsin, for many years. He never bags a deer. He usually is the camp cook.

One year, however, Jez came back from Crooked Lake and reported that he’d seen a deer. Another friend, not believing a word of it, shot back: “What, did one run through the bar?”

There is another tradition that comes with Wisconsin’s gun deer season.

The women these hunters leave behind have their choice of Chippendale-style male strip shows to ogle.

There will be much drinking, many smokes, many tall tales and, occasionally, a little hunting.

For those ladies, this one — with Exene Cervenka’s lusty, sultry, howling vocals — is for you.


“Wild Thing,” X, from the Elektra 12-inch, 1984. Available on “The Best: Make the Music Go Bang,” a 2004 CD compilation, and “Beyond and Back: The X Anthology,” a 1997 CD compilation.

This, of course, is the version made famous in “Major League,” the delightful baseball film from 1989. The ballpark scenes were filmed at Milwaukee County Stadium, a wonderful place that is long gone. I never get tired of the memories those scenes summon.

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One response to “Wisconsin’s wild women

  1. bamabob

    Great post! I am big X fan—didnt expect to see them here though.

    With deer season coming on, ever see Escanaba in da Moonlight? Great comedy, great story, great acting….well worth a rental, if not a purchase. Its about family & friends trying to get the big buck in the U.P.—-thanks for a great post!!

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