Still late to our own party

As usual.

I managed to miss posting on the second anniversary of AM, Then FM earlier this week.

I’ll take my cue from the Oscars and try to have my say before the band starts playing.

Thanks to our many readers, to our regular e-mail correspondents, to our occasional commenters.

Thanks to Janet and Evan for putting up with all the records. Maybe we’ll get the office organized one of these days weeks months years.

Thanks to all my fellow music bloggers. They’ve hepped me to countless great tunes and have become good friends along the way.

OK, OK, I hear the band.

Here’s a reminder that AM, Then FM, has another blog on the side. Shocking, I know. At the end of every month, The Midnight Tracker rolls out one side of an album that ought to be heard again. Here’s the first cut from this month’s side, a tune I heard first on another blog.


“Am I Black Enough For You,” Billy Paul, from “360 Degrees of Billy Paul,” 1972. Listen to the rest of Side 2 over at The Midnight Tracker.

Because we’re celebrating our second anniversary, here’s a second tune.

We’re from Wisconsin, and we write about its music from time to time.

We’ve written about Clicker, a hard-working rock/pop/original/cover show band that played countless Wisconsin clubs, dance halls and roadhouses in the early and mid-’70s. We’ll write about them again, trust me. Nothing draws more comments — all wonderful memories of that time — than those posts about Clicker.


“Two of a Kind,” Clicker, from “Har De Har Har,” 1975. It’s out of print. I rarely see it when record digging but have seen it twice in the last month. Go figure.


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8 responses to “Still late to our own party

  1. Wow! 2 years of blogging is quite a feat. 2 years of awesome blogging is. . . uh, an even bigger feat. Congratulations! And please don’t stop any time soon. 🙂

  2. Mike Martinsen

    Congrats on two great years!!! Also, love The Midnight Tracker!! Keep it up!!

  3. Bill in Milwaukee

    Congrats! Great work.

  4. Congrats on two years of blogging! I know I look forward to each of your posts and it continues to be an inspiration. When I have time to even turn on my computer – hasn’t been a steady gig in the past months, yours is one of the first I turn to. Keep up the great work!

    Great selection from the Billy Paul album!

  5. bamabob

    Congrats on 2 years!!

    On a side note, the Billy Paul tune you posted was “covered” by 80’s hip-hop artist Schooley-D, same name. The cover is pretty darn good too, but amps up the protest angle of the lyrics. Worth a listen if you are so inclined.

    Congrats again!

  6. Well done and congratulations.

    Has anyone coined a term, yet, for the phenomenon of repeatedly finding some title which had previously seemed to be a rare find?

  7. Congrats, and may there be many more (records, posts and Clicker sightings)!

  8. Shark

    Congratulations, Jeff…keep up the great work. I always look forward to your posts, especially anything about Clicker.

    There was a recent newspaper ad in the “Darlington Republican Journal”(a small-town weekly) inviting everyone to a place in Madison for a 60th birthday party for Dick Wiegel, who was a guitarist for Clicker back in the good old days.

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