Winter’s fog

This is the most eerie time of year in our corner of Wisconsin.

Winter is ever so slowly giving up its hold on us. The snow melts as the temperature warms, of course. As the snow leaves, the fog arrives.

I look out into that fog, wondering what will emerge from under the snow. There are the pumpkins I left out last fall. There are the remnants of the fireworks we shot off on New Year’s Eve and on Evan’s birthday.

But what else is out there? We live on a corner, a stop sign at the edge of the yard, along a busy street. How many pieces of cars will be out there?

Winter’s fog suggests plenty of mysteries. As does this tune, one I vividly remember from nights just like this back in the early ’70s. A vibe for just this kind of night.


“Hypnotized,” Fleetwood Mac, from “Mystery To Me,” 1973.

It’s written and sung by guitarist Bob Welch. Though not a single and certainly not a hit, the ethereal “Hypnotized” got plenty of FM air play. Even all these years later, I’m still not sure I’ve figured out what the lyrics mean. That’s OK, though. That’s part of its appeal.

After this, Welch did one more album with Fleetwood Mac. He left the band, and Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined. I think you know how it went for Fleetwood Mac after that.


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5 responses to “Winter’s fog

  1. A great post! How many do you talk to that never knew that Fleetwood Mac was an important band way before Nicks and Buckingham (ok McVie also)? The Peter Green / Danny Kirwan / Bob Welch years are plump and ripe for discussion!

    Fantastic album and wonderful track selection for a Sunday morning. Try their version of the Yardbirds ‘For Your Love’. Pure gold my man, pure gold.

  2. Yes, things do emerge as winter ends, don’t they? I found a squirrel’s tail – just the tail – where an ice patch had been. And a great song. Is it a UFO tale?

  3. “Station Man”from Kiln House..

    Also,”Jewel Eyed Judy”from same
    album/CD are Great songs.. 🙂

  4. I always liked this song, as well as the pre-Welch, Peter Green years.

  5. Oh I just adore this song. It’s frequently on many playlists I burn (always the last song)

    hypnotized is way up there on my top 10 favorite songs. It takes me away from everything!

    here’s a great interpretation of the
    song’s meaning

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