The Top 95 and then some

My friend Al in Milwaukee sent along an old end-of-year music roundup from the FM radio station we listened to in the ’70s. It is endlessly fascinating.

WIFC 1972 Front.jpg

Al sent “The Top 95 Heavys of 1972.” The list of the top 95 songs of the year as played on WIFC — 95.5 FM in Wausau, Wisconsin — is by itself worthy of a post for its sheer diversity.

Alice Cooper is on the list, as is Donna Fargo. Wayne Newton (twice!), along with Led Zeppelin (twice!). Just picking four spots at random, Nos. 45-48 are held by Elton John, the Chi-Lites, Gary Glitter and Arlo Guthrie. Musical stew, anyone?

Most interesting, though, is what’s below “The Top 95 Heavys of 1972.” No fancy title, just this note:

“Because of the increasing popularity of album music in the WIFC area we have also compiled a list of the thirty most requested album cuts.”

It, too, is a rather eclectic list, with “Poor Boy Boogie” by Mac Davis at No. 1.

And this at No. 2.


“Pusherman,” Curtis Mayfield, from the “Super Fly” soundtrack, 1972.

And this at No. 28.


“20 Flight Rock,” Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, from “Lost in the Ozone,” 1971. Ah, the Commander. Long one of my guilty pleasures.

And “Sweet Jane” by Mott the Hoople at No. 30.

Seconds on musical stew, anyone?

Yes, we take requests. Here’s the chart.

WIFC 1972 Front.jpg


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5 responses to “The Top 95 and then some

  1. retrosnark

    Come on, post that list!Please?

  2. jb

    Oh God yes, let’s see the whole thing.

  3. Hoser

    That would be a great list to see….especially since many stations back then weren’t locked into a specific type of music (except some pure country). Of course, you have to be ready to take both the good, bad, and ugly. Mac Davis? Wayne Newton?

    Happy Easter to you, Janet, & Evan from the ATL!

  4. Shark

    Radio stations today just don’t do cool stuff like that anymore. They THINK they do with all the stuff they put on their websites, but those surveys were created by Program Directors and Music Directors (and jocks) who actually worked at those stations and played a huge role in making those songs come to life…and maybe even establish a bit of a legend.

  5. David Zachmeyer

    Got any more WIFC lists, specifically from 75-87? That’s the years I was listening, from when I was a kid until I moved away from home.

    My best WIFC memory, ca 1982: [cue music] “Oh, Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind screeeeeeeeeech” [record scratch] [sound of 45 being smashed on console] “man I hate that song!”

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