On the sideline

For better or worse, look for several posts here at AM, Then FM this week. I’m on furlough for the second time in four weeks, taking another week off without pay because the newspaper business is a cartwheeling ball of flame.

So here I am, sitting it out on a day when Harry Kalas, Marilyn Chambers and Mark Fidrych leave the building, not to mention justice being served to Phil Spector.

Were I working, I’d have something on all of them on our Web site. I pick content and write material to drive traffic. First and foremost, you never want to miss a chance to put “porn star” in a headline. I’d have written a little something special on Harry Kalas, the voice of NFL Films, narrating all those Packers highlight films. I’d have dug up something on Mark Fidrych pitching against the Brewers.

But I’m not there, and I’m …


“Restless,” Flash and the Pan, from “Lights in the Night,” 1980.

It fits the mood, with its exotic Middle East sound, deadpan spoken vocals and big back beats.

Because I am one, and because my friend Shark long ago requested it …

“Media Man,” Flash and the Pan, also from “Lights in the Night,” 1980.

Hope you don’t view my work as cynically as this tune does. Then again, what Fred Allen and then Ernie Kovacs once said of television certainly applies to the Web: “(It’s) a medium, so called because it is neither rare nor well done.”



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7 responses to “On the sideline

  1. I’m truly sorry to learn this. How times have changed – as a child, I’d often daydream of being a newspaper writer, now every remnant of the extremely downsized industry is either being wiped out or retooled. A good example is the LA Times, it pretty much doesn’t exist anymore, at least the newspaper-based one.

  2. Just for the record, the quote about why television is a medium is from Fred Allen, not Ernie Kovacs. Much as I love Kovacs. Thanks for the tunes…

  3. Living in Arizona, the passing of former Arizona State football coach Bruce Snyder is being mourned. Surpassed by only Frank Kush, Snyder won the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award as 1996 NCAA Coach of the Year. His Sun Devil squad came within one minute of becoming undefeated National Champions, upset in the 1997 Rose Bowl by Ohio State, 20-17.

    Harry Kalas, a Phillies broadcaster since 1971, was one of three great voices associated with the NFL. The other two? John Facenda, whom Kalas replaced, and Ray Scott, former voice of the NFL on CBS and the Packers.

  4. Lights In The Night is one of my Top 10 records of all-time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see their songs in a blog this morning. Kudos!!

  5. Stu

    At least you didn’t refer to yourself as 10CC’s “Headline Hustler.”

  6. bamabob

    Hang tough on the furlough—its happening all over unfortunately. As Argent said, Hold your head up!

    Thanks for the good tunes, some long forgotten gems there!

  7. Shark

    Better times do lie ahead. How many times have the electronic and print media suffered thru down times because of the economy only to bounce back?…every time!

    Thanks for “Media Man”….all 6 minutes of it. I only had a watered-down version of it on a 45 which is about 3:30.

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